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I must say you guys go above and beyond with your forum responses, Fantastic! So much so, I now want to purchase critters from you. I have read through 75 gallon stocking options trading of these postings and already had some of my questions answered. Here's a little information about me. I got into saltwater husbandry back in and became addicted. My name is Joenoodle and I am a reef junkie.

Met Joe 2 years ago, when he visit the Omaha Zoo. I have actually had the honor of having Scott W. Michael as a supervisor, I had him sign my invertebrate book at the job interview too. I was geeking out on the inside. Well, to my questions. I'm down sizing and will be breaking down 75 gallon stocking options trading 75 gallon tank. The following is a link to a video of when it was in it's prime https: Most of the live rock will go to my Uncle who is setting up a 75 gallon stocking options trading reef tank.

I have never dealt with sea horses, minus feeding them a few times at my part-time job in the LFS. Does it matter how deep the substrate depth is with sea horses? I'm thinking of going with a 1 inch depth.

I would like to use 95 percent black lava rock, it will be seeded with live spongy rock from work. Has black lava rock been used in saltwater aquariums before? A friend told me that the red lava rock leaches in saltwater, he found out personally. Grow all types of caulerpa on the lava rock and on the bed of the aquarium. Good idea with the calm shell as a feeding station for the sea horse, I have plenty of those. All my calms were killed by pyramidal snails and bristle worms.

I plan to keep the same turn over on the water using the same Quite One pump, but to calm the current down for the horses. I plan to do a lot cutting, drilling and gluing of pvc pipe to have the return flow pushed through the interior of the black lava rock mounds on the left and right sides. Wouldn't the return flow from within the rock formations cut back on the growth of anaerobic bacteria in the rock?

Protein skimmer, I have one that I could be put in, but it is necessary if I plan on growing lots of macro algae?

Wouldn't a skimmer capture all the pooy goodness that plants love and capture a number of floating critters that the horses could eat? I was looking at black sea horses Hippocampus erectus and read that they need at least 16 inches of height to mate. What other sea horse species might pair up and be happy in a 75 gallon tank? I just think it would be awesome to breed sea horses in the middle of the Mid-West.

I have a Tom's baby shrimp hatchery somewhere so 75 gallon stocking options trading set whenever those babies come bursting out of Dad. That sounds really great, sir! Such an aquarium system will have plenty of water volume to offer excellent stability as well as the superior height that is so important for seahorses, and it will provide the ponies with plenty of room to roam and grow.

A crushed coral substrate with a depth of 1 inch should work just fine, Joe. I prefer to use a relatively shallow layer of sand in the main tank of a seahorse setup, rather than a DLSB, because the deep sand bed will detract from the vertical swimming space that is available to the seahorses, and the ponies benefit from the increased water depth that a shallow substrate allows.

I do believe the black lava rock is safe to use in a marine aquarium, sir, and, in fact, that's the preferred substrate for home hobbyists who 75 gallon stocking options trading up special culture tanks to raise red volcano shrimp Halocaridina rubraalso known as red feeder shrimp or Hawaiian volcano shrimp, which make ideal live food treats seahorses.

That's a very interesting 75 gallon stocking options trading to plumb the aquarium so that you return flow will be forced up through the porous lava rock on the left and right-hand side of the tank, which would certainly greatly soften and diffuse the water flow, Joe.

It would increase the dissolved oxygen levels in the interior of the lava rock, which would inhibit the growth of anaerobic bacteria somewhat, but there are also plenty of heterotrophic and autotrophic denitrifying bacteria that do not require and oxygen-deficient environment in which to grow, so I don't think that's going to be much of an issue at all, sir.

In fact, if you also include a DLSB in the sump area, as I recommend, there'll be no shortage of suitable strata for anaerobic denitrifying bacteria to thrive as well, and the aquarium should naturally be able to keep the nitrate levels nice and low. But I would suggest altering your plan somewhat in one respect for best results with seahorses, Joe.

Although a seagrass biotype can be used successfully for seahorses, with your background as an accomplished reefkeeper, sir, I would recommend that you set up the main tank with plenty of soft corals that will thrive without high-intensity lighting or especially powerful water currents, and then set up the gallon sump with a DLSB and a well-planted refugium with lots of macroalgae Caulerpa, Chaetomorpha, Gracilaria 75 gallon stocking options trading you maintain on a reverse photoperiod to the main tank.

There are many advantages to adding a sump to your seahorse setup. For starters, it increases the overall water volume of your system with all the benefits that implies. A good-sized sump can easily double your carrying capacity, increasing your safety margin accordingly.

It makes an ideal place to put a protein skimmer, heater sair stones, and other equipment so they don't have to be hidden in the display tank. It's the perfect place to perform additional mechanical and chemical filtration, tailoring the filter media to meet ones exact needs, or to add a calcium or nitrate reactor or even a Deep Live Sand Bed DLS to your seahorse setup.

Because the sump is a large body of water separated from the aquarium itself, it facilitates water changes, dosing supplements, adding top-off water to the tank and other maintenance tasks, all of which can be carried out in the sump without disturbing the main tank or stressing its inhabitants. Entire sections of the mechanical filtration can be cleaned at one time without affecting your primary biofilter, and water changes can be performed gradually without causing stress to the fish or invertebrates.

To 75 gallon stocking options trading advantage of these benefits, I suggest adding a two-chambered sump to your tank. This can be accomplished by installing a perforated tank divider across the width of the sump, thereby separating it into two isolated compartments. One side accommodates all of your equipment in-sump skimmer, return pump, heaters, titanium grounding probe, UV sterilizer, etc.

Daily variances in chemical, physical and biological phenomena are a fact of life in 75 gallon stocking options trading, linked to the light and dark cycles and the diurnal rhythms of captive aquatic systems. As one example, the pH of aquarium water typically peaks after the lights have been on all day at a maximum of perhaps 8. This is related to photosynthesis and the fact that zooanthellae and green plants consume CO2 and produce O2 when there is adequate light, but reverse that process in the dark, consuming O2 and giving off CO2.

Redox levels, available calcium and other water quality parameters are affected in similar ways. This is easily 75 gallon stocking options trading by timing the lighting in the sump so that the bed of macroalgae is illuminated after dark when the lights on the display tank are off, and vice versa. Just use alternating timers on the main tank and the refugium tank so that when one is on, the other is off. Other macroalgae require a period of darkness in order to thrive, but if you will be using Caulerpa, it can even be illuminated 24 hours a day around the clock in order to accomplish the same thing.

Just like that the roller coaster ride is over: For seahorse keepers, the refugium compartment of a divided sump or dual chamber sump makes an ideal grow-out tank for juvenile seahorses that have outgrown their nurseries but are still too small to be kept in the main tank. A dual-chamber sump is a very versatile design that lends itself to multiple purposes. This is what I normally advise home hobbyists regarding the water flow in their seahorse tanks, Joe:.

Many seahorse keepers are overly conscious of the inactive life style and limited swimming ability of Hippocampus, and have adjusted their flow rates accordingly, resulting in undercirculated tanks with too little water movement.

That's a serious mistake for a small, close-system aquarium. In actuality, seahorses prefer moderate water movement, including some areas of brisk current, providing there are also sheltered spots and some areas of relatively slack water they can move to when desired. Slack water means comparatively low 75 gallon stocking options trading, NOT stagnant conditions!

As with any aquarium, avoid dead spots and stagnant areas in the seahorse tank at all costs Giwojna, unpublished text. Contrary to popular opinion, seahorses are quite effective swimmers that can hold their own in strong currents as long as sheltered areas are available Delbeek, Oct.

I have often discussed this matter with professional divers and collectors who regularly encounter seahorses in the ocean, and they report that the horses are often found where you would least expect them -- well offshore and thriving in areas with powerful currents. For example, here is how Paul Baldassano, a commercial diver in New York who makes his living collecting sea urchins, describes the behavior of his local seahorses:.

I see them in the open sea far from shore and also in areas with large rocks and very strong currents. The last one I saw was in a channel off the south shore of Long Island New York in water about 12 feet deep. The current was hdfc bank account no digits strong that I had to hold on to the rocks so as not to be swept away.

This Hippocampus erectus was having no 75 gallon stocking options trading staying there munching on the abundant plankton. Apparently they find places near the rocks where there is no current because as you know they are 75 gallon stocking options trading swimmers. There is also a large population of seahorses in a similar area in another part of the New York shore, but I think it is best not to divulge that location for obvious reasons Baldassano, pers. Neil Garrick-Maidment, a very successful seahorse breeder in the 75 gallon stocking options trading, reports much the same thing, noting that seahorses in the wild seem to thrive amid strong currents:.

These areas are often scoured by strong currents and the Seahorses do well in them and seem completely unperturbed by the current Garrick-Maidment, pers. In setting up a tank for them I try to remember the feeling I had in those areas and replicate them. I have now started to use wave surge devices, so that the current in the tank, although strong they seem to thrive in strong currents varies in its direction Garrick-Maidment, Jun.

Kirk Strawn, who earned his Master of Science thesis studying Hippocampus zosterae in the field, echoes Neil's thoughts on the matter:. In nature tidal currents, wind, and waves are usually mixing the well aerated surface film water with the deeper water.

Likewise, Joe Warland, a fish farmer and commercial seahorse breeder in Port Lincoln, Australia, reports he often finds Hippocampus abdominalis perching on the tuna net enclosures at the farm in deep water:. And Jorge Gomezjurado, the Senior Aquarist at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, recommends the following when it 75 gallon stocking options trading to water movement:.

In nature they live in areas with active water movement. Why don't we give them the same environmental conditions in captivity? Our small tanks 90 gallons 75 gallon stocking options trading large turnovers on an average of 5 gpm or 75 gallon stocking options trading. It is very important that the current is steady and directionally constant, which allows the animals to find a good spot to hold and they will not be pulling in different directions all the time.

Most seahorse keepers feel it's best to keep the current steady and nonvarying so they can find slack-water areas and sheltered spots downcurrent to hold in when they want to get out of the current.

The more brisk the water flow, the more important this becomes. However, in a large aquarium with low to moderate water movement, alternating currents should not present much of a problem, and would help to provide good circulation throughout the tank. The point is that, as long as slack-water retreats are available, the greater seahorses can tolerate far more current than most folks suspect and good circulation is as important for a seahorse setup as 75 gallon stocking options trading other aquarium.

What seahorses lack as swimmers is not agility, but rather stamina Evans, They can hold their own against strong currents, but not indefinitely, so low flow areas where they can move out of the current and hold when they want to rest must be provided in addition to good circulation. For example, along with an external power filter, my seahorse 75 gallon stocking options trading also has a gph powerhead with a sponge pre-filter 75 gallon stocking options trading right near the top for surface agitation and extra water movement, with additional small powerheads used as needed to eliminate any dead spots 75 gallon stocking options trading the substrate or behind the rockwork.

I like to give my seahorses as much current as they can handle without getting blown around. In short, if your filtration is not turning over the entire volume of the aquarium a MINIMUM of 5 times per hour, your seahorse setup is undercirculated.

With a spray bar return raised above the surface of the water to diffuse the outflow, you can safely achieved much higher turnover rates without producing too much turbulence or current for seahorses.

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