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Then, in response for an even lighter and more economical engine 914 subaru swap options trading hours, Renegade went back to a flat four designed engine with a very modern twist, and developed the EJ series Subaru conversion kit!

To the few that doubted the performance of the V8 in this fantastic little mid-engine platform, our response is clear!

Here are just some of the engine choices that work with our conversion kit: Found in Imprezas from Rated at hp and ft-lbs EJ22 Phase I: Found in Legacies from and Imprezas from Comes rated at hp and ft-lbs, hp and ft-lbs, or hp and ft-lbs. Found in Legacies in and Imprezas from Rated at hp and ft-lbs.

Closed deck, cast pistons, forged rods, oil squirters: Found in Legacies fromImprezas inand Foresters in Rated at either hp and ft-lbs in or hp and ft-lbs in There was a slight compression ratio change from where it went from 9. Turbocharged, intercooled, open deck, and decent heads. Available in in the Forester XT. This kit includes the high-performance 9" clutch 914 subaru swap options trading hours already.

The 9" clutch components will handle up to hp and foot pounds of torque With custom all aluminum radiator, dual high performance Spal fans, dual relays, thermostatic control switch, harness and all necessary sheet metal. This three vent under dash unit can be used as a heater only or for heat and AC. It comes with a three speed fan switch, powerful blower motor, blend control, three directional vents, AC evaporator and heater core, all enclosed in a trim-line under dash case.

For recommended five lug or Big Red Renegade brake upgrade. An economical way of converting to the five-lug wheel pattern on the rear of the car. Send us your brake rotors in good condition along with your rear hubs, and we will machine them for the 5-lug hub pattern and install 914 subaru swap options trading hours studs. Allows precise adjustment of rear ride height and the ability to fine tune spring rates.

Includes new bilstein shocks, coil-over kit and springs. Many spring choices 914 subaru swap options trading hours. From to lbs are most common, depending on application and usage. Good up to hp! Visa, Master Card, and Discover accepted.

Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery. All parts, prices, and specifications subject to change without notice. All custom parts and components are non-returnable and non-refundable.

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Help - Search - Members - Calendar. Attention world, any Subaru projects being planned? Jake, email me some information on the Nikisil cylinders. I've got an engine block sitting here I may send your way if it's not too increadibly expensive. I'm going to be building a monster motor for the Boxsteru soon.

Installed a EZ30D H6 engine in mine. Click to view attachment Bob. Finally coming to fruition! That's going to open some doors. I still get messages from a lot of people, asking where to get things. Now I have a place to refer them. Here is a screen shot of the new cable shift mount for the subaru 5mt that I'm almost done with. Picture of the steel as delivered, everything is going well with the production run, I will get some more pictures at the end Click to view attachment.

Looking forward to more information as this progresses It's tough not to get to excited, though. How much chassis reinforcement would you suggest for this application? I'm beginning to strip and do rust repairs on a To your question, that really depends on how much HP you want to push, in your case a good hp setup. Though I have less first hand knowledge on that topic, I would suggest something like an engman kit and some of tangerine racings gear, both great world vendors links below.

You may want to do a search to get more info, or others can pitch in with their opinions. Another fun option is the NA 6cyl eg33 or the ez30d, though, set up properly, they will put you up in the hp range. Thanks for the advice. My goal would be hp. I would prefer not to have a full cage. The strengthening bits you suggest seem prudent. I think my preference would be a turbo 4. In your experience, what is average price for usdm ej20t and trans? Hi Ian do you have some good links so i can do some homework on which 6cyl to decide is there one that have better options ie variable valve timing, DOHC, I too is interested in your kit but i dont have an engine yet to pull the trigger.

Would they ship to Los angeles. It's almost all four bangers, the motors that came in the Imprezas, but there's been quite a lot of EZ30 interest in their "conversions" forum, and it includes links to other places with more specific six cylinder engine info.

The information at Outfrontmotorsports. The company is active though, a leader and a great source for all kinds of engine swap things, especially important being aftermarket ECU's. I use one of theirs that came with an excellent base map already installed, and even a plug in engine harness that made everything pretty easy. As a general suggestion about sixes I'd say stay with the EZ30 and EZ36 engines instead of the old SVX motors, which are now old, big, and heavy compared with the modern engines.

I have a turbo four but am really really intrigued with the new sixes, in fact even bought a performance two in one out banana muffler to use on a six.

Those engine's firing order is only two cylinders switched from the Porsche motors, so I suspect they'd even have that "porsche sound", especially if coming out of a Porsche car. The American motors are the EZ30D, whose heads have a single siamesedvexhaust outlet.

The imported JDM is the EZ30R, distinguished by a black plastic intake manifold and a separate exhaust outlet for each cylinder. Stock horespower is similar for the two motors I don't remember the numbers and it's really easy to plumb the D motors exhaust, but you give up absolute power potential.

The R sixes probably have more potential, but only if you intend to do serious engine modifications, your choice. Don't worry that much about drive by wire throttle bodies and valve and timing control on newer motors, that can all be either used with aftermarket ECU's or easily defeated substituting an earlier cable TB.

The sixes are all naturally aspirated. The dual cam 2. If you get a good deal on a DOHC 2. Easy to put in. My son has an lightweight autocross car with a "hybrid" motor, 2. I prefer relatively stock motors, they have more than enough power for a street and no problems with almost no maintenance. I'm kind of lazy, so it works for me.

One thing that will become apparent pretty quickly is how much the Subaru performance community resembles the old Small Block Chevy hot rod community. Cool stuff available and and a lot going on. The fact that one of the big names in engine parts is Cosworth should tell you a lot about road race performance potential.

You are right on, although I wouldn't rank a good eg33 below the EZ series of engines necessarily. I also love the 2. Ill do you one better than links, below I've copied in an excerpt from an email i sent a customer on the different 6cyl options.

My information has been gathered from sites like nasioc and RS25 verified by talking with subaru repair shops and tuners like perrin, outfront, and 42autosports. I will try to shed a little light on each and rank them, from least to most recommended for use in the swap. But in general it is much easier and cheaper to extract more power out of a turbo set up than an NA. So bear in mind that if you choose to go 6, its more of a dead end for upgrades without a high relative cost , but then again they all have good power levels so you may not ever want more.

EZ30R, Found in the — Legacy 3. This is basically a factory revamped version of the EZ30D. It has chp stock and a wider upgrade path, generally turbo options, people have taken it to hp.

The problem is it eliminates the option of a stock ecu swap, as it would require someone to take every piece of important electronic equipment and swap it into the new vehicle.

The big plus with this motor is the ability to run cheap 87 octane fuel and still get high HP numbers. I would rank this engine tied with, or slightly ahead of, the EZ30R for the It comes with chp.

Not nearly as technically advanced as the EZ series, and a bit larger but this motor does have several distinct advantages for the First it has been around for a long time and the upgrade paths are more prevalent. Secondly, you will not have to deal with drive by wire and immobilized ecu issues. This is my second choice for the It is a good, sturdy engine and ridiculously cheap for the power it provides but is pretty large and may require cutting of the rear trunk.

At roughly chp from the factory, it seems to have the lowest hp number of the bunch. I would rank this motor highest in comparison to the other options. Yeah, the EG motors are cheap and the naturally aspirated EJ25 motors are under-appreciated. It all depends on what you need and what you want to do with them.

EMS systems shouldn't be that expensive, though. It's simple but has everything you need and should run any of the Subaru motors. An aftermarket EMS removes any need to use the canbus harness, so you can run any of those more modern motors too.

The EMS page at Outfront, http: And of course if you want an in-depth education about engines and fuel injection you can buy or build a Megasquirt for half that. I might be smart enough to do that big maybe but definitely don't have the patience for it. Their Motor Matrix page might be helpful: They've been really helpful whenever I've needed it.

And no, I don't work for Outfront or have any association with them except for having received that good service. Outfront is a great outfit for sure, and have been kind enough to answer many of my questions without me even being a customer.

From what ive been told, I think the difference in price you are seeing is in the capability of the ECU. Yes you could get the motor to run great with a cheaper ecu, but you wouldn't be utilizing the parts that make the motor so cool. At that point your paying thousands more for what amounts to an EZ30D with 3 exhaust ports instead of I completely forgot about that, for most 4cly I think the necessity of aftermarket ecu cancels out the savings you would get by going jdm.

Look at the shifter linkage he will offer for the mid engine car utilizing a MR2 shifter. Here is his contact info on his website. Hope this helps you out in some way. Also, search theBionicman on the same thread,here is a link to his youtube video with his prototype. Ian, take a look at the Link G4 Storm will control variable valves and the G4 Extreme valves plus electronic throttle, any motor. May be different today, but I can't imagine they've gone up too much. Depends on the Dollar, I guess, but it's at least worth checking current prices.

Several of the Link importers other than Outfront also sell plug-and-play harnesses for all the engines, so you can totally eliminate the canbus crap.

By the time I decided I might be interested it had been sold, but it got me started thinking again. DB you sparked my curiosity, so i looked into it a little more.