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Not impressed with AFX Thanks for letting us know. I am sure that you went into the demo with an open mind!! I know of a few people like you who got demo's of MT challengers and also said they weren't as nice as their deere.

I wonder what color the sky is in their worldIJ. What the heck is "Grain Acceleration" and how did you measure thatIJ. Well then your either very Nave or just plain green to the bone. I'm wondering how long you demoed the IJ We traded a in for one and when it came from the dealer it wasnt even close to being set right. Once we started playing with it to get it set there wasn't even a comparison. Your way off on the fuel, they are so fuel effiecent that we only fill it every other day, afx trading on line forum as with the deere it was everyday.

It has way more capaticacy than the deere. Also only 4 belts and 2 chains on the whole combine and the grease zerks are 30 hours or more! Inside everything is controled on the touch screen computer. You set the screen so it has what you want to monitor where you want it. We were taking 35 bushels soybeans with a 36ft.

This monster is greens worst nightmare! I don't know where you got your specs the only has horse, the reason you think there so much more fuel effiecent is because the hold about 20 more gallons of fuel. I did not run the case in corn, but in pinto beans I take 40 ft.

I also experienced less cracking with my deere. The has a boost of horse from to when you need it. When you turn the unload auger afx trading on line forum it boosts it another 40 horse besides the In reality your probably never running there but you can be at We did experience the cracking on our pintos too.

We figured it was the clean grain because it was set so fast like to be doing bushel corn. We flexed our pintos with a 36ft. The dealer this winter has already slowed down the clean grain so that should help the cracking. I'm not saying the is the best, they have a few things to work out on them but i do believe they have more capacity than the deeres.

I have friends that are married with s. If all you guys out there think they are so great, then go and marry one! I'll stick with John Deere thank you. Mr FRI did not write that about the Maybe you have a problem living in the real worldIJ I only had to make one round in an to afx trading on line forum that it was barely able to hold itself together while combining bushel an acre corn.

Maybe you are the only person on this board excuse me, and farmer tony that knows anything about combines and the is the best combine ever made. Can we please hear about how great the s are one more timeIJ. Neighbor of ours was taking 80 bushel barley at 7. Over engineeredIJ These things are the future.

They only let out last year, this year they are doing some changes to them and the model is when they will really take over the market. NH did not design them. As I said before you should go to the CaseIH page and brag about thetell them it isnt made by NH and it makes diesel and it afx trading on line forum so much better of a machine than aGl.

As for them "taking afx trading on line forum the market" dont get your panties in a wad but Case already saw its peek in the NA combine market. Afx trading on line forum rules this market and will in the future. Well if you only made one round in a you afx trading on line forum have thought they were junk. If you would have taken the time to set it up and done a little trial and eorror or maybee talked to others who afx trading on line forum one, you would have been very impressed.

Neighbor of ours has 3 's and a The was doing 80 bushel barley at 7. When set up properly, is far better than the Afx trading on line forum only made 's last year, they're making some changes to them this year and the models are the ones that will take over the combine market.

NH didn't design them either. I always hear from you guys "just wait till they make changes". Then make them already. What about the poor suckers that bought them before. Don't afx trading on line forum if they got that thing right yet, unless you really like that grinder thing ahead of the rotor- oops tine screw-a-rator contraption. They've made the changes but they wont be on till the models. One of the biggest reasons we traded in our for one was the price difference.

It wasn't big money at all. Every that i'v heard of has come with a 2 year warranty too. Any updates that come out are done for free. These are a brand new line of machines, as with any brand new line of a product there are always bugs to work out, thats why they only made of them. The CRs still afx trading on line forum right, why should these be any different. So I guess someone must like them. Does that make it better. I'll take OS X Unix thank you very much.

I can see I've been wasting my time with you. If you want to have a nerdy debate theres a million and one other forums for that. Nah I dont live in an imaginary world I just live in the good old US of A, I am not interested in argueing with you birddog as there is no reason to.

JD "rules" aka has the greates market share and will into the future. It's all about dealer support, why drive by JD dealers to get to some other brandIJ Maybe JD isnt the latest and greatest but it shure as hell gets the job done.

Keep your green panties in check guys. The OS comment was just a comparison. It could be used with many other things to offer similar contrasts on this "combine" forum. Guess you aren't worth wasting keystrokes over either. Shut up and go collect some more govt. C-Bine, Glad to see that at least you can admit that john deere isn't the greatest. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem!!

Hey go kick your dog it will make you happy. Or are you pi--ed off because Case is warranting for another year and Deere did not. And tell me again how many updates did the STS have again. Pi--ed off at you are so right cause I am, but I will give them another year free waranty. I will keep the s till s work and then getmore s. I got two neighbor who are brothers and they got two new combines last fall, one was a john deere with terri tires and the other got a caseih with dauls on it both were running 28l rear tires.

We all wanted to see them run so a bunch of us went over when they started picking corn both were running corn heads. I afx trading on line forum no difference in quality of grain or loss of grain in either machine. What I saw and suprised me was in the tires terri tires would float across the mud and the duals would cut ruts.

I would say they were both good machines. You should be used to your head being afx trading on line forum that position c-bine, there is no other excuse for buying a JD combine.

No self-confidence issues here. Though I think the same afx trading on line forum not be true on your side. Oh, by the way that was reeeeeal clever coming up with birddog. Wow, I bet that took some deep thought huhIJ. Take a closer look.

Case got the frame and the grain tank and an area to mount an engine to. The only difference in the cab is the styling. For that matter, the afx trading on line forum difference in most of the machine is the styling, with the exception of the threashing section and the engine choice. As we all know, styling doesn't make a bit of difference to performance. Case did not "design" the whole machine, only a few of the important things. I seriously doubt it's any nicer or has better visablity.

Just curious to how many farming programs are available for Mac and other operating systerms haha Windows XP Fan: I didn't say they "beat" Case IH.

What i did say is that the cab frame on the Case is the same as the New Holland.

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