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En este tema se aplica a: The Replication Distribution Agent is an executable that moves the snapshot for snapshot replication and transactional replication and the transactions held in the distribution database tables for transactional replication to the destination tables at the Subscribers. Parameters can be specified in any order. When optional parameters are not specified, values from predefined registry settings on the local computer are used.

Prints all available parameters. Is the name of agente comercial Publisher. Is the name of the Publisher database. Is the name agente comercial the Subscriber.

Is the name of the Subscriber database. Is the path to the folder that contains the initial snapshot for a subscription. Is the number of rows to send in a bulk copy operation. When performing a bcp in operation, the batch size is the number of rows to send to the server as one transaction, and also the number of rows that must agente comercial sent before the Distribution Agent logs a bcp progress message.

When performing a bcp out operation, a fixed batch size of is used. El valor predeterminado es The default is Specifies whether the agent attempts to poll replicated transactions continually. If specified, the agent polls replicated transactions from the source at polling intervals, even if there are no transactions pending.

Is the path of the agent definition file. An agent definition file contains command prompt arguments for the agent. El contenido del archivo se analiza como un archivo ejecutable. The content of the file is parsed as an executable file. Use double quotation marks " to agente comercial argument values containing arbitrary characters. Is the Distributor name. For Distributor push distribution, the name defaults to the name of the local Distributor. Is the Distributor login name. Is the Distributor password.

Specifies the security mode of the Distributor. For more information, see Security Overview Replication. Is the path and file name of the error file generated by the Distribution Agent. This file is generated at any point where failure agente comercial while applying replication transactions at the Subscriber; errors that occur at the Publisher or Distributor are not logged in this file. This file contains the failed replication transactions and associated error messages.

When not specified, the wizards best trade options file is generated in the agente comercial directory of the Distribution Agent. The error file name is the name of the Distribution Agent with an. Si el nombre de archivo especificado existe, los mensajes de error se anexan al archivo. If the specified file name exists, error messages are appended to the file. This parameter can be a maximum of Unicode characters.

Specifies the path and file name for the extended agente comercial XML configuration file. The extended events configuration file allows you to configure sessions agente comercial enable events for tracking.

Agente comercial the file transfer type. Is the network address of the FTP service for the Distributor. Cuando no se especifica, se utiliza DistributorAddress. When not specified, DistributorAddress is agente comercial.

Si no se especifica DistributorAddressse utiliza Distribuidor. If DistributorAddress is not specified, Distributor is used. Is the user password used to connect to the FTP service. Is the port number of the FTP service for the Distributor.

When not specified, the default port number for FTP service 21 is used. Is the user name used to connect to the FTP service. When not specified, anonymous is used. Specifies the amount of history logged during a distribution operation. Puede minimizar el efecto sobre el rendimiento del registro del historial seleccionando 1. You can minimize the performance effect of history logging by selecting 1. Is the host name used when connecting to the Publisher. Is the number of seconds before the history thread checks if any of the existing connections is waiting for a response from the server.

This value can be decreased to avoid having the checkup agent mark the Distribution Agente comercial as suspect when executing a long-running batch. El valor predeterminado es segundos. The default is seconds. El valor predeterminado es de 15 segundos. Is the number of seconds before the login times out. The default is 15 agente comercial. Specifies the number of bulk copy operations that can be performed in parallel.

The maximum number of threads and ODBC connections that exist simultaneously agente comercial the lesser of MaxBcpThreads or the number of bulk copy requests that appear in the synchronization transaction in the distribution database. MaxBcpThreads must have a value greater than 0 and has no hard-coded upper limit. The default is 2 times the number of processors, up to a maximum value of 8. When applying a snapshot that was generated at the Publisher using the concurrent snapshot option, one thread is used, regardless of agente comercial number you specify for MaxBcpThreads.

Is agente comercial maximum number of push or pull transactions applied to Subscribers in one synchronization. A value of 0 indicates that the maximum is an infinite number of transactions. Other values can be used by Subscribers to shorten the duration of a synchronization being pulled from a Publisher. If -MaxDeliveredTransactions and agente comercial are both specified, the Distribution Agent delivers the specified number of transactions and then stops even though -Continuous is specified.

You must restart the Distribution Agent after the job completes. Is the time agente comercial used for history logging. A history event is logged when one of these parameters is reached: The TransactionsPerHistory value is reached after the last history event is logged. The MessageInterval value is reached after the last history event is logged. If there is no replicated agente comercial available at the source, the agent reports a no-transaction message to the Distributor.

This option specifies how long the agent waits before reporting another no-transaction message. Agents always report a no-transaction message when they detect that there are no transactions available at the source after previously processing replicated transactions. El valor predeterminado es 60 segundos.

The default is 60 seconds. Specifies the minimum size, in bytes, for binary large object data above which the data agente comercial be bound as agente comercial stream. You must specify —UseOledbStreaming to use this parameter. Los valores pueden ir de a agente comercial, con un valor predeterminado agente comercial bytes.

Values can range from to bytes, with a default of bytes. Is the path of the agent output file. If the file name is not provided, the output is sent to the console. Si el nombre de archivo especificado existe, el resultado se anexa al archivo. If the specified file name exists, agente comercial output is appended to the file. Specifies whether the output should be verbose. Si el nivel detallado es 0 agente comercial, solo se imprimen los mensajes de error.

If the verbose level is 0only error messages are printed. Si el nivel detallado es 1se imprimen todos los agente comercial del informe de progreso. If the verbose level is 1all the agente comercial report messages are printed. If the verbose level is 2 defaultall error messages and progress report messages are printed, which is useful for debugging. Is the packet size, in bytes. El valor predeterminado es bytes. The default is bytes.

Is how often, in seconds, the distribution database is queried for replicated transactions. El valor predeterminado es 5 segundos. The default is 5 seconds.

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