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Karl Dittman is at it again. Today, we have yet another flawed Forex indicator called Pips Daily Scalper. He claims that this trading indicator will assure you pips daily profit.

But this promise is of course not real because no trading indicator can assure you of a specific number of pips every day. It is just the wrong way of marketing a Forex product. And secondly, customers have been saying very bitter things about this indicator. We will be best forex indicator 100 pips everyday those as well.

By now, we think that Karl is a total joke best forex indicator 100 pips everyday probably the biggest fraud that has ever sold anything on the internet.

He sells one flawed trading indicator after the other while claiming that those products will guarantee daily profits in terms of pips and that they will even make your life easier in the Forex market. He is also the author of a trading indicator called Super Trend Profit. We reviewed it some time ago and saw that it was not a good trading indicator. The question is, if you have never seen how an MT4 platform looks like, will you just plug this trading indicator and use it?

You see, Karl Dittman is just being a good marketer here. He claims that Pips Daily Scalper is brand new and unique. He claims that when you buy this indicator, you will make your work easier as everything will be printed on best forex indicator 100 pips everyday screen.

If you are looking to buy, a blue line indicator will appear with the instructions. On the other hand, if you want to sell, a red line will appear on the screen with instructions on where and how to set your TP and SL. In addition to this, Pips Daily Scalper sends out both SMS and email alerts to make sure that you are in sync with the market at all times. When you look at the screenshots that he has provided on the website of the Pips Daily Scalperyou will see that this man is making abnormal claims as per those results.

In some other days, it made 50 pips, guaranteed. These screenshots are dated back to We wonder how this guy was able to test this indicator if he had not created it then. You see, the Pips Daily Scalper has not been around for so long. Best forex indicator 100 pips everyday do not agree with the claims that this software averages pips in 4 hours on a typical day.

I also best forex indicator 100 pips everyday not agree that pips is the minimum that you should expect from the various trades that you will place in the market at any given day. There are also claims that this scalper anticipates the exact movement of the market minutes before it happens.

In fact, he would not sell it out at all. But the reason why he is offering it for such a low price is that PipsDailyScalper is not the holy grail of trading.

The only way to make money is by actually selling it rather than trading with it. He also claims that this is a very efficient scalper because it does not guess and lose money like best forex indicator 100 pips everyday Forex indicators on the web. Instead of dwelling on how this trading indicator works, Karl concentrates on the functional elements of the software.

Of course no statement will end without praising this indicator. Oh, and I managed to come across a very silly explanation on how this trading indicator works. In this statement, Karl was saying that Pips Daily Scalper is the sum total of all secret scalping techniques that a group of Best forex indicator 100 pips everyday experts put together decades ago for best results.

Now, he is essentially saying that this indicator does not use his own patent method or trading strategy. Instead, it uses strategies that were crafted by other people. This discovery leads me into thinking that Pips Daily Scalper is a generic Forex indicator.

Digging further, i discovered that Pips Daily Scalper was relying on trends and price action ticks. Basically, this guy does not want best forex indicator 100 pips everyday elaborate how this indicator works. This is a huge negative by the way. This customer confirmed what I told you before. Another customer complained that when he bought this tool, it was not that simple to use because Pips Daily Scalper repainted signals. He had to filter then one by one, which was not the easiest thing a newbie could do if they knew nothing about trading Forex.

There are a lot more complaints that have since followed this fake product. He only cares about releasing one Forex indicator after the other. He is also an expert at creating Forex products landing pages. You need to be very careful with this Forex indicator. This man does not trade for a living. He does not have a success record of ever trading and making money out of the Forex market. So how can he claim that he is the expert of Forex indicators? My best advice to you is that you should avoid Pips Daily Scalper like the plague.

It does not qualify to be sold to the members of the public since it best forex indicator 100 pips everyday a highly fraudulent product. He currently mentors students from various parts of the word. Warren regularly contributes to well known financial websites and publications including Valforex.

Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. The question is, has he answered the question above? No, he has not. Customer feedback We can assure best forex indicator 100 pips everyday that customers of Karl are saying some nasty things about him.

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