How to start investing in Singapore: A practical guide for beginners (updated 2018)

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Before you start trading in stocks you will need to open a CDP account and a Trading Account with a broker. Information on CDP can be found on www. You will also need a Trading Account. This is open with a broker. A list of the local brokerage firms is included in this guide. You can click here for a reference. The person who most people think of as a stock best stock brokerage singapore is usually a registered trading representative.

This is the person that you would be doing your primary best stock brokerage singapore with. The company that your trading representative works for is a broker-dealer of securities or the brokerage firm.

The brokerage firm and its trading representatives make money through commissions on best stock brokerage singapore transactions. A fee is charged whenever you buy or sell. Note, your trading representative usually does not make any money from setting up a long-term financial plan for you.

If you are seeking advice on balancing your real estate, insurance, savings, cash and other assets, you will then need a financial advisor or financial planner.

The financial planner may work with your trading representative to manage your securities investments in harmony with your total financial plan. The first thing you should consider is whether you want a full-service broker or a discount or online broker.

A full-service broker will recommend particular securities for you to buy; an online broker only places the orders best stock brokerage singapore give via the internet. The advantage to having a full-service broker is that you have a professional on whom you can rely for services and best stock brokerage singapore. The disadvantage is that a full-service broker is more expensive.

If you do all of your own investment research then you may want to consider an online broker. Whether best stock brokerage singapore choose a full-service broker or an broker, be certain that the broker you are considering is registered and in good standing. You can check this on MAS website — www. In Singapore, it best stock brokerage singapore common for brokerage firms to offer both full service and online self service options.

You may want to understand the services offered by a brokerage firm and how this meets your investment and trading needs. The following is a list of characteristics and qualifications you should establish in choosing your trading representative: You should feel comfortable with your trading representative. The more your trading representative knows about your financial situation and goals, the better your account will be served.

Best stock brokerage singapore will be giving your trading representative some very personal information. If you feel uncomfortable, you may not give your trading representative as much information as might be needed to properly service your account.

You need to keep in mind that your investments must please you, not just your trading representative. A good trading representative will provide you with information and will take as much time as necessary to explain a proposed transaction until you understand. Remember that this is your investment—you have every right to understand exactly what is going to happen with it. Before you fill out your new account form and begin to invest, think about exactly what you want to accomplish by investing.

Your goals can range from a desire to put your money in as safe a place as possible where it can grow at, at least the inflation rate, to a desire to risk everything for the chance to hit it big. When you have your investment goal clearly in mind, explain your ideas to your trading best stock brokerage singapore. This will help your trading representative to help best stock brokerage singapore translate those goals and ideas into an investment strategy that meets your requirements for both risk and return.

After every transaction, you should receive a trade confirmation and every month you should receive a monthly statement. Review those documents carefully and make certain that they best stock brokerage singapore correct in reflecting what happened in your account and that what happened was what you wanted to have happen.

Keep your own complete set of records about your account, and include notes of conversations with your trading representative and any correspondence from your broker or trading representative. If you notice that something seems wrong on your statements or in your account, complain immediately to your trading representative and your broker.

Always follow up every telephone call complaint with a letter to confirm the matters discussed on the telephone. If you do not receive a satisfactory answer to your complaint from your trading representative, complain to best stock brokerage singapore branch manager of the broker, then to the Compliance or Legal Department.

You will be tempted to invest in particular securities because of good rates of return or apparent safety, but you should also take a moment to consider other factors that will become more important as you continue to hold the securities.

One such factor to consider before you invest is whether best stock brokerage singapore is a ready market for the securities should you decide to sell them. Another factor may be voting rights that do or do not attach to the securities voting rights can affect management decisions, and in the long run, your return.

You should find out whether the securities are restricted in any way. Your trading representative should be able to answer your questions and, in many cases, you will be provided a prospectus that should contain all material facts about a proposed investment.

If you are given a prospectus, take the time to read it, or at the very least, best stock brokerage singapore the risk factors and history. Whenever you purchase securities, there will always be a risk of loss. Although in some cases the risk will be extremely small as is the risk of the Singapore Government being unable to meet its debt obligationsin some best stock brokerage singapore it will be very great as is the case of certain options transactions where the chance of unlimited loss is almostdepending on the type of transaction.

There is always a risk, when investing in a private company, that the company might go bankrupt. Bankruptcy happens to all sorts of companies, even old, reputable companies that seem like they would provide a rock-solid investment.

For this reason, it is usually a bad idea to invest all of your money in any one security. If safety of investment is one of your goals, you and your trading representative should explore diversification of your account to increase safety. You can also consider the use of exchange traded fund for convenient diversification. You should also explore this with your trading representative.

Full service or discount sometime also online broker? The rule of thumb best stock brokerage singapore keep in mind is that the lesser the risk, the lesser the return. Look ahead when you invest — some factors to consider You will be tempted to invest in particular securities because of good rates of return or apparent safety, but best stock brokerage singapore should also take a moment to consider other factors that will become best stock brokerage singapore important as you continue to hold the securities.

There is always risk!

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