Chemistry Interactive Review Activities

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These are all structured as part of a single gmx wrapper binary, and invoked with commands like gmx grompp. Documentation for these can be found at the respective sections below, as well as on man pages e.

Most options, except for boolean flags, expect an argument or multiple in some cases after the option name. The argument must be a separate command-line argument, i. If more than one argument needs to be given to an option, they should be similarly separated from each other. Some options also have default arguments, i. If an option is not specified at all, a default value is used; in the case of optional files, the default might be not to use that file see below.

However, two dashes are also recognized starting from 5. In addition to command-specific options, some options are handled by the gmx wrapper, and can be specified for any command. See wrapper binary help for the list of such options.

These options are recognized both before the command name e. Most analysis commands can process a trajectory with fewer atoms than the run input or structure file, but only if the trajectory consists of the first n atoms of the run input or structure file. Options that accept files names have features that support using default file names where the default file name is specific to that option:.

All such options will accept file bianrie option was rot significant figures without a file extension. The extension is automatically appended in such a case. When multiple input formats are accepted, such as a generic structure format, the directory will be searched for files of each type with the supplied or default name.

When no file with a recognized extension is found, an error is given. For output files with bianrie option was rot significant figures formats, a default file type will be used. Some file formats can also be read from compressed. The bianrie option was rot significant figures in these topics is also accessible through gmx help topic on the command line. One main driver for this has been that many new tools mentioned below now accept selections through one or bianrie option was rot significant figures command-line options instead of prompting for a static index group.

To take full advantage of selections, the interface to the commands has changed somewhat, and some previous command-line options are no longer present as the same effect can be achieved with suitable selections. Please see Selection syntax and usage additional information on how to use selections. In the process, some old analysis commands have been removed in favor of more powerful functionality that is available through an alternative tool.

For removed or replaced commands, this page documents how to perform the same tasks with new tools. For new commands, a brief note on the available features is given.

See the linked help for the new commands for a full description. Symbolic links from 5. The interface is mostly the same, except that there are new command-line options to specify the selections. The following additional changes have been made:. For backwards compatibility, this version still creates symbolic links by default for bianrie option was rot significant figures tools: This tool has been removed in 5.

A replacement is gmx distance. You can provide your existing index file to gmx distanceand it will calculate the same distances. You can produce any combination of output files.

A replacement is gmx distance for most options or gmx select for -dist or -lt. If you had index groups A and B in index. The -intra switch is replaced with -nopbc. If you used -dist Dyou can do the same calculation with gmx select:. In addition to supporting atom-atom vectors, centers-of-mass can be used as endpoints of the vectors, and there are a few additional angle types that can be calculated.

This bianrie option was rot significant figures a bianrie option was rot significant figures old tool originally written for united atom force fields, where it was necessary to generate all hydrogens after running a trajectory in order to calculate e.

The functionality to simply protonate a structure is available in gmx pdb2gmx. If there is significant interest, we might reintroduce it after moving to new topology formats in the future. This tool has been introduced in 5. It uses a Monte Carlo sampling method to calculate the fraction of free volume within the box using bianrie option was rot significant figures probe of a given size. This tool has been rewritten in 5.

The main difference in the new tool is support for selections. Instead of prompting for an index group, a potentially dynamic selection for the calculation can be given with -surface.

Any number of output groups can be given with -outputallowing multiple parts of the surface area to be computed in a single run. The total area of the -surface group is now always calculated. The same effects can be obtained by defining suitable selections bianrie option was rot significant figures -output. If you want output that contains the same numbers as with the old tool for a calculation group A and output group Byou can use.

Solvation free energy estimates are now calculated only if separately requested with -odgand are written bianrie option was rot significant figures a separate file. Output option -i for a position restraint file is not currently implemented in the new tool, but would not be very difficult to add if requested.

A replacement is gmx gangle for angle calculation and gmx distance for -od-od1-od2. You need to select either bianrie option was rot significant figures or plane for the -g1 and -g2 options depending on which one your index groups specify. If you only had binaren optionen sichere strategie die beste zeit mit binaren optionen single index group A in index.

For the distances, you can use gmx distance to compute one or more distances as you want. Both distances between centers of groups or individual atoms are supported using the new selection syntax. This tool has been split to gmx solvate and gmx insert-molecules. This tool has been renamed gmx convert-tpr. Enter search terms or a module, class or function name. It is also possible to use an explicit value like -pbc no and -pbc yes. If a required option is not set, the default is used.

If an option is marked optional, the file is not used unless the option is set or other conditions make the file required. If an option is set, and no file name is provided, the default is used. The argument may be abbreviated, bianrie option was rot significant figures the first match to the shortest argument in the list will be selected. Either 1 or 3 parameters can be supplied; when only one parameter is supplied the two other values are also set to this value.

The following additional changes have been made: Equivalent functionality is available through selections: If set to a value that is significantly smaller than half the box size, it can speed up the calculation significantly if a grid-based neighborhood search can be used.

You can control the output histogram with -binw. Instead, you can choose between the different things to calculate using -oav corresponds to -d with -averdist-oall corresponds to -d without -averdist-oh corresponds to -o with -averand -oallstat corresponds to -l without -aver.

Table Of Contents Command-line reference Command-line interface and conventions Handling specific types of command-line options Commands by name Commands by topic Trajectory analysis Generating topologies and coordinates Running a simulation Viewing trajectories Processing energies Converting files Tools Distances between structures Distances in structures over bianrie option was rot significant figures Mass distribution properties over time Analyzing bonded interactions Structural properties Kinetic properties Electrostatic properties Protein-specific analysis Interfaces Covariance analysis Normal modes Special topics Selection syntax and usage Command changes between versions Version 5.

Created using Sphinx 1.

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Don't worry - this page will remain here as long as this site exists, but no new reviews will be added to this page. I have several reasons for this: My students have trouble identifying the appropriate review activities to do because of the clutter. None-the-less, I don't want to delete activities that other teachers may still find usefull. The older quizzes have already begun to experience some malfunctions in browsers.

The problem will only get worse as their coding becomes deprecated. The software that I used to create them has also become unreliable, making it difficult to edit the activities.

So, continue to use this page and these activities, but also stop by the NEW Chemistry Review Page to see the new unit structure. Many new, mobile-friendly review activities will be added there as we "dial in" the new curriculum over the next few years.

This unit was previosly titled "Solids, Liquids and Solutions". We are beginning a multi-year process of re-writing our curriculum, and we have chosen this unit as our starting point. Old resources will be kept, though they may not be the focus of benchmarks. As of February, , I am no longer updating this set of review activities. The new review page , with our new Unit structure will be the landing place for any new reviews that I create moving forward.

If you find a mistake here, I will of course fix it. PowerPoints Review Mitosis Lab. This is a new format of the Millionaire game that works in ALL browsers! Three of these questions will be drawn in class to be answered as part of the test. There is a focus on ionization energy and electronegativity that is not present in the current review.

Periodic Trends Fill-in - This is an outdated review that no longer applies to our benchmarks. Prepare for Ionic Formulas Quiz. Do it multiple times, because you will see many different questions each time. Converting from mass to moles and vice-versa.

Mole Conversions - Unit 4 Benchmark 1. The relationship between grams, moles, standard molar volume, and Avogadro's number. This quiz will randomly load 20 practice problems each time, from a set of 56 total problems. This set of problems involves ONLY grams to grams stoichiometry problems.

Stoichiometry Problems - Unit 4 Benchmark 3. This review will randomly select 32 review questions from a much larger set. Unit 4 Review - Question Sets. This review was written to mimic the way questions are set up on my new tests.

There are five sets of questions, each with its own reading prompt. Properties of Water Review - Unit 6 Benchmark 1.

Calculations of Solution Concentration - Unit 6 Benchmark 3. This review will randomly select 35 review questions from a much larger set. There are seven review pages, self-grading, and you can start at any point in the review and move forward, backward, or back to the homepage.

Second Semester Review - Multiple-choice questions assembled from the Unit Test reviews in semester two. News As of February, , I am no longer updating this set of review activities.