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Which robot are you referring to? I would binare option roboter stockpair keen to becoming a customer of this robot. In addition, the Signal hive is attractive too. I notice that there are fees to using Signal Hive. My understanding is that it portrays human and robotic signals and that it is up to us whether we wish to trade by 1 click? And on top of it all, it comes with all the tools of the trade to learn. At the moment, I don't have a lot of time, and learning how to trade properly I presume will be a long term project for me over time.

My main aim right now is to start trading with the assistance of a robot. I did try their DEMO auto robot and it was achieving great results, but my understanding is that DEMO is rigged to make it look better than it really is.

So in effect, 1 what do you have in terms of an auto robot? OptionsRobot is another one of these whitelabel robots.

There are websites now that offer robots to brokers and affiliates. These people can then rebrand the robot and create a new website and sell it to make money off of your deposits to brokers. Binare option roboter stockpair that robot won't binare option roboter stockpair you any money. Neither will any of robots out there with fake results and fake testimonials and fake reviews. BSB above is different.

You can see their statistics and their results and they also have real traders. Sure, never wrong to do research. Even if you wish to copy trades or get signals, I strongly recommend that you also learn as much as possible about trading in general.

Just be careful with YouTube. The overall conclusion is that there is no "easy money" in this business. You must learn how to trade. I would recommend you look for price action. Thu Apr 5 Tokyo: April in Beginners Questions. Hi all, I am new to all this. I have been doing some research and am looking at opening an account through option Robot with Stockpair.

I live in Australia. I will not binare option roboter stockpair into it real big. I know the industry is rife with scam operators and I just don't want to be a victim. So I have some questions: My research so far seems to indicate yes. Also, with Stockpair, are there tools which will actually teach me how to trade on my own by looking at the fundamentals without relying on Option Robot all the time.

Blue Sky Binary Posts: April edited April Hello, welcome to the forum. Stockpair has a history of locking out clients who win too much based on feedback in our education community. Working robots exist, we have manufactured quite a few with a happy clientele, but they are never created by affiliates binare option roboter stockpair brokers themselves. Option Robot is created by a known affiliate marketer.

Team Blue Sky Binary. Signal Hive - The No. OK that is great information. And thank you for the welcome. I really appreciate the information. So now, stockpair and option Robot are off the radar.

So now I have to find another Broker and another Robot. I would prefer a Robot with learning tools too, graphs so that I can learn to trade. It probably isn't as I take it that binare option roboter stockpair really need to do the hard yards and learn to trade. Which is what I would like to do. So an option Robot that has a success rate which helps me stay afloat and not lose money is probably a more realistic expectation hopefully.

Can anyone recommend which traders are the best and which robot I should be using? Hello Mouflon, If you are looking for assisted trading, which means robots which act as indicators to find you profitable chart setups, then you can try our Dashboard http: If you are looking for semi-automated robotic trading where a signal is fired and you decide if you wish to take it by 1 click, then you can try Signal Hive www.

They have over 1 year actual client-execution track records. We suggest either route depending on how much time you have committed to trading. Most of our students opt for the first option as ultimately, there is no substitute for learning how to trade. Kind regards, Team BSB. I will need to look into both. Can I ask what the "in the money" ratio is for Signal hive?

Hi Mouflon, We are the most data-driven and transparent company in Binary Options binare option roboter stockpair by a mile owing mainly to a range of scam in the industry driven by opinionated charlatans that can't really trade.

Remember, in order for something to becoming statistically relevant, you need atleast observations. There are micro and macro cycles in the market. Our extensive backtesting in both BO and FX shows that strategies binare option roboter stockpair may work for 3, even 6 months and in some instances, even a year, can fall apart when played out over a multi-year period. Also, has anyone heard of HighLow? Seems to be regulated in Australia which is a plus.

Are they better binare option roboter stockpair Stockpair? Blue Sky Binary said:. The forums are your best bet, BinaryOptions. Because people can write here freely on their experiences and because we remove spammers and obvious scammers the soon as we notice them. There are fake forums out there too!

There are forums specially made too fool traders. The soon as their recommended product backfires you find out that you binare option roboter stockpair longer can post in that "forum". But here you get to meet other traders too see what they have to say. I meant binare option roboter stockpair you look on YouTube, look for price action education not "get rich fast strategies".

I do post such videos and live webinars myself, don't wish to promote myself here but you can find that in my trading journal here. OK that is fantastic and I will be checking out your web journal. I will only watch your YouTubes, because sometimes it is hard finding genuine and truthful material. If the scammers are going to the lengths of opening their own forums, and then ban you once they clean your account out, beggars belief.

These people ruin lives I am sure. So they wouldn't have done that much damage to me, but it would still leave a sour taste in the mouth. There is no easy money to be made. Wish it was though. I'm going binare option roboter stockpair look at your webinars. I think this forum is a good place to start as well. And I wonder if there are any traders here that live close to me, and if they would be willing to show me how this software works and help me with working out a strategy.

Signal Hive doesn't seem conducive to experimenting and doing this which I don't like. But they are reputable and not a scam which is great. Ok, looks like you got set on the right track by Okane. Best binare option roboter stockpair avoid robots, best to trade for yourself.

If you want someone to do it for you better get an investment advisor and let them get you into real stocks. Hi all, Just like Moulfoln I am new to the world of binary options trading and attempting to navigate the scam riddled industry out there.

The more I read the easier it is getting to spot the obvious scams but it is very concerning how sophisticated the scam business is! I also live in Australia. I have found this forum particularly this thread to be the most useful information I have found so far. For me, I like the concept of the services that Blue Sky Binary offer with an emphasis on trader education.

I don't intend to reach the heights of a professional trader but want to learn how to confindently identify successful trades, even if starting out with the assistance of signals. It also makes sense to me to pay a subscription for signals, robot or human, as is offered by Signal Hive.

It would seem that you get what you pay for with the "Free" robots out there! As someone who intends to trade part time I have a full binare option roboter stockpair job of an evening, I'm curious about using the Binare option roboter stockpair Hive semi-automated robot during work hours when I would generally not have access to the market.

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