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Export Chart Images on the Server Without Rendering in a Browser

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The information provided in this article is outdated and is here for historical reference. Please refer to this tutorial binary chart pdf file javascript further information. Please note that due to security measures implemented in modern browsers, some or all export options might not work if the web page is loaded locally via file: The plugin relies on a number of different libraries, to export images, draw annotations or generate download binary chart pdf file javascript. If you are using relative url, note that it is relative to the web page you are displaying your chart on, not the export.

Plugin includes a way to completely control what is displayed on export menu. You can set binary chart pdf file javascript menus, sub-menus, down to any level.

You can even add custom items there that execute your arbitrary code on click. It should always be an array, even if you have a single item in it.

The array items could be either objects or format codes. Objects will allow you to specify labels, action, icon, child items and even custom code to be executedon click.

Please note that we have wrapped out menu into another menu item, so that only the icon is displayed until we roll over the icon. This means that technicallywe have a two-level hierarchical menu. If we opmitted that first step, the chart would simply display a format list right there on the chart. See the Pen Exporting the chart to various formats multi-level export menu by amCharts amcharts on CodePen. Adding menu item to print the chart or map is as easy as adding export ones. By default each menu item triggers some kind of export.

When exporting to PDF, you binary chart pdf file javascript set and modify the content of the resulting document. To add a text line, simply use a string. It can even be a JavaScript variable or a function that returns a string.

Feel free to override any styles defined in it, create your own version and modify as you see fit. If you choose to modify it, we suggest creating a copy so it does not get overwritten when you update amCharts or plugin.

The code is here for the explanatory purposes. This plugin requires at least 3. Back to Knowledge Base main page. A file name to use for generated export files an extension will be appended to it based on the export format.

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