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Commander and Collector Play at least one match or mission with all 25 Battleborn. This achievement will be earned as you earn towards the following achievements and lore. Only the original 25 battleborn are required for the above achievement. Priestess of the Sustaining Mother 45 10 Complete all Ambra lore challenges. Order of the Sustaining Mother: Heal yourself for 24, health using the Staff binary options 360 battlefield 1943 Radiance's health drain ability. This is a mid to close range attack and will come in time and is the attack, does not require you to actually heal damage.

The Level 3 upgrade 'Blood Drive' will speed this up. Binary options 360 battlefield 1943 of the Silent Sisters: Deal 28, damage with Scorching Strikes. This is the attack, and is a close range attack, at Level 7 choose either 'Flame Staff' or 'Radiant Halberd' if you've unlocked it, the other option slows down your attack speed too much.

The Winds of Change: Kill enemies with Solar Wind. Minions or other small enemies are the best for this. Heal teammates for 50, damage. Healing gear will speed this up. This has to be actual healing done. Sunspots are your primary heal, drop them in the path of your teammates.

I Command the Very Stars: Deal 60, damage with Extinction Event. Simply use your ultimate on everything, preferably groups, be aware though the damage is not instant binary options 360 battlefield 1943 this attack. Level 10 'World's End' will speed binary options 360 battlefield 1943 damage done.

Anarchy Rules 69 10 Complete all Attikus lore challenges. Ascent from the Pits: Simply complete the other two maps to unlock, note that you have to actually binary options 360 battlefield 1943 the map. Defender, You Have Become Defenseless: Deal 30, bonus damage to shields. This is extra damage caused by Hedronic Arc to shields. In PVP both enemy battleborn and tier three buildables are an option.

In PVE, missions with bulwark bots and pylons are your best option, this can either be farmed on a single enemy or earned in time. An option if you have it is Attikus' Ops binary options 360 battlefield 1943, as it has multiple pylons and the final boss spawns further pylons and has her own shield at certain stages of the fight. Activate skill with a fully-charged Hedronic Collector, times.

A charge is gained with each kill, though 5 is earned with each major enemy or battleborn kill. Simply only use a skill once you have full charge, the skill does not have to hit or kill an enemy to count. Using a skill will reduce your charge count to zero unless you are using the level 5 mutagen 'Charge Efficiency' which means only one charge is used on skill activation at full charge, but that major enemy only gives one charge.

Land a critical hit on Lothar Rendain with Charged Hook. Rise of the Thrall: Slow three enemies simultaneously, 25 times. You need to use a Fully Charged Hedronic Eruption to slow enemies, you have 10 chances per Eruption to get binary options 360 battlefield 1943, as the attack puts out 10 shockwaves over 5 seconds.

The main story mission The Renegade with the waves of thralls and the Phoebe's Ops mission with the infinite spawn of Varelsi are good places to farm this.

Flyboy 72 10 Complete all Benedict lore challenges. Help for a Grounded Recruit?: Kill 10 enemy Battleborn while in the air. I would advise doing this in Bots Battle as it's easier. You don't have to be in the air for the whole time, so long as you are in the air when you get the kill notification this will come in a couple of matches.

Level 6 'Blastoff' wgich puts you in the air and damages nearby enemies is a good choice while going for this. Glide for 1 hour 3, seconds. Holding while in the air will allow Benedict to glide, this will hopefully come in time, if not a good place to grind this out is the start of The Void's Edge, it gives a long downhill path to glide along. I would avoid getting Level 5 'Tailwind' as it will decrease your effectiveness in getting this.

Play 3 binary options 360 battlefield 1943 on a team with at least two other Peacekeepers. It is possible to get this through public games with randoms but if boosting binary options 360 battlefield 1943 possible with just one other if you both have dummy accounts. Load up The Renegade on hardcore, turn round and jump off the nearby cliff.

Fire rockets in a single match, 5 times. This will come through natural play of any of the PVE missions, or standing at the spawn on Hardcore and holding down. Not feasible in PVP as matches can often be over too quickly. For normal play, any gear that reduces reload and the skills 'Ready Rockets' Level 3 and 'Rapid Reload' Level 4 will aid the rain of rockets.

The Bird's Last Word: Get kills with Boomsday. This is Benedict's ultimate, simple use it every time it's binary options 360 battlefield 1943 cooldown and aim for groups of enemies, The Renegade and other missions with groups are suitable for this. If you get to Level 10 any of the upgrades are suitable for gaining this.

The Bears and the Beers 72 10 Complete all Boldur lore challenges. Play a match on a team composed of all Eldrid teammates.

The writing on this would suggest you cannot do this solo, but if binary options 360 battlefield 1943 try and do a public story mission and no others join it'll eventually timeout and take you to character selection, select Boldur, complete the match and Woodsworn is yours.

Absorb 50, damage with the Ekkuni Greatshield. Remember to block with and this will come in time. While enraged, kill enemies. When you kill an enemy you become enraged for 8 seconds, simply kill another enemy within those 8 seconds, comes through normal play. The Dwarf's Favorite Axiom: Deal 25, explosive damage with Axe Toss while energized by Runes of Power.

Will come in time, aim for groups to speed up the process. The Runes binary options 360 battlefield 1943 Best Reflect my Mood: Self-heal 10, damage with the Ekkuni Greatshield while energized by Runes of Power.

Blocking with while your ultimate is active will heal you, be aware though you have to actually heal damage, if you are full health it will not count. Champion of the Pits 60 10 Complete all Binary options 360 battlefield 1943 lore challenges. Double Jump 1, times. Double binary options 360 battlefield 1943 at every chance, no way to speed this up sadly. The Armor Costs More than You: Deal 40, damage with Aerial Assault. This is your ultimate and will come in time, to speed things up aim for groups.

A Vision of Solitude: Kill Blinded enemies. The blinding effect of flashbang lasts for one second as such Level 4 'Flash Barrage' is the best for this as it fires three grenades in a row, the first will blind and the next two will hopefully kill the enemy. The Arena and You: Kill Jennerit troops.

This will come in time playing the story or ops missions, Jennerit are in nearly every mission. Kill enemies with Energy Blade while on a team with Rath. Load up any story mission in co-op with Rath and kill enemies with. The Spymistress 63 10 Complete all Deande lore challenges.

Kill enemies with The Element of Surprise. Element of Surprise is a 3 second buff to damage, any kills during this time will add to the total. This should come in time during pvp when running away from death. War is Hardly Civil: Deal 10, damage to Rendain. One solo run of "The Heliophage" will earn binary options 360 battlefield 1943 challenge, both shield and health damage done count. Fan of the Empire: Deal 60, damage with Blink Storm.

This is Deande's ultimate, use it whenever it's off cooldown and aim at groups, be aware there is a short activation sequence, if you manage to miss hitting anything there is only a 4 second cooldown. The Seeds of Secret Orders: Play 3 matches on the same team as Ambra.

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