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View brokerkonto posts View active topics. Brokerkonto, C and other Languages. Alexei KurovDr. It is currently Fri Apr 06, 1: Thu Jan 22, brokerkonto Hi, Is there a way, when loading OQ, to re-create the portfolio to the same state before OQ was shut down? Brokerkonto, are we talking about OQ or ? Brokerkonto Jan 25, 4: Hi, you can use GetBrokerInfo in OnStrategyStart to request information brokerkonto your account brokerkonto positions from a broker if this feature is supported for your particualr broker and then add corresponding transactions to your startegy Brokerkonto, so that your broker and Best technical indicators forex trading dubai prortfolio get synchronized.

You can take a look at this thread to get more info anout BrokerInfo and broker positions viewtopic. Thu Jan 29, 6: The brokerkonto clarifies one side of the story. The question remains how can i now use BrokerAccount. Sell i use the BrokerOrder. AddPosition methods brokerkonto that purpose? Tue Feb 03, 4: I've found brokerkonto this post helpful - viewtopic. Brokerkonto, basically you need to add correcting transactions to OQ prortfolio brokerkonto OnStrategyStart to synch broker positions and OQ portfolio brokerkonto.

Tue Feb 03, 7: Hi Anton, Thanks for your input. Brokerkonto i use Portfolio. Usually when the strategy sends order that get filled in the market then we see it in OQ Portfolio window both as Transaction and Position.

I guess I'm wondering what am i missing here? Any chance you have a code brokerkonto to support this? Buy, 50, new OpenQuant. Stock, "MSFT" Add Transaction transaction at OpenQuant. Wed Feb 04, 2: Hi, Managed to figure it out. It's impossible to add to portfolio transaction on instrument that brokerkonto not exists in brokerkonto instruments list.

Once i've created MSFT instrument it worked just fine. Page 1 of brokerkonto. Previous brokerkonto Next topic. Resume from crash Posted: Hi, We're talking about OQ Display posts from previous: Users browsing this brokerkonto No registered users and 3 guests. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in brokerkonto forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.

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