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For those of you who cheap bookshelf options reading, books are more than a leisure activity: To part with a favorite novel can feel like throwing out an heirloom. You may need to temporarily part with a few memoirs, but you can MakeSpace for others with these creative book storage hacks for small apartments.

Hallways are usually designed for a single purpose: Adding shelves to the walls of your halls can turn corridors into libraries, maximizing space while showing off your literary collection. Bookshelves set perpendicular to the wall cheap bookshelf options a great way to divide a studio apartment or any multi-purpose room.

If you love books, why not keep them where cheap bookshelf options spend the most time in your apartment? A simpler book cheap bookshelf options hack, though, might be storing books at the base of your bed. Any short and wide bookshelf or bench would do the storage trick. Built-ins and standalone bookcases alike take up a significant amount of square footage. You do, however, have ceiling space, which means you can add shelves along the perimeter of a room without cluttering your apartment.

We could browse photos of custom loft beds cheap bookshelf options days, basking in the beautiful, functional spaces created by various carpenters. While the cheap bookshelf options loft is impressive, that cubbyhole library is the best part, giving a true lover of books a private space to store and read them. The beautiful room pictured above was built by Donald Albrecht, the curator of design and architecture for the Museum of the City of New York. Donald exchanged a coat rack for a wall of shelves in his foyer closet, and he added a glass door to frame and display his little library.

Chances are, some bookshelves would fit in and benefit those nooks and crannies. Books are basically tiny, rectangular storage boxes in and of themselves. Often deemed the college room solution, stacks of books can enhance your space, bringing color and personality to your corners, end tables, and the space beneath your couch. Stash books anywhere and everywhere. You can always display your real collection later in your next, bigger apartment.

Top image via Marc Koehler Architects. We're here to help.

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