Unexpected random Kernel Panic Shutdown

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Because I cannot decrypt it I do not know if it is a software or hardware related issues and then what should I do prevent it. I appreciate your feedback and support. Darwin Kernel Version cifs-utils 267-1 binary overridden Sat Aug 25 B27, 4 processors, Intel Core i7, 2. First of all thanks for your reply. I do not have Soundflower software installed. I guess the driver came with ML?

Because I bought these programs and I cifs-utils 267-1 binary overridden using them on a regular basis. Or should I uninstall and reinstall them? Wed Nov 10 B0B, 2 processors, Intel Core 2 Duo, 2. Built-in iSight, 0x05ac Apple Inc. IR Receiver, 0x05ac Apple Inc. I don't know if this is linked at all but I also keep getting a pop up whilst bluetooth is on saying that there was a problem connecting my headset; the funny thing is I don't have a headset and have never connected one to this computer.

Any ideas what the problem could be? Welcome to Apple Discussions! Make sure no software named Boom or any part of Parallels might not be comaptible with the latest updates.

Make sure your data is backed up at least twice before troubleshooting further. Let us know when it is, if you need more help. Hello, First of all, I apologise if this topic has already come up on the forums, but cifs-utils 267-1 binary overridden checked and can't see anything specifically relating to the problem im having, and ive also checked the bugs section of Archwiki and can't seem to see anything on there either.

I'm not sure what information you guys need so ill just post as much as I can think of in this thread and then if you need cifs-utils 267-1 binary overridden other info, ill post it on request. The problem im having relates to a recent system update, which I did sometime within the past 4 weeks or so, after not upgrading for quite a while due to lack of free time.

In the last update I remember seeing it upgrading the kernel from 2. If I have audio output, the sound crashes and everything freezes, and the caps lock and scroll lock lights just flash in sync on the keyboard.

I have never had any problems like this in all the 7 months that i've been using Arch as a permenant OS. Intel Core 2 Duo 1. Cifs-utils 267-1 binary overridden Wireless Cifs-utils 267-1 binary overridden b chipset, using ndiswrapper and the Zoom windows driver 2. I've looked in all of the logs, including: But there is very little information relating to the crash in there.

I'm guessing this is because its a kernel panic so it doesn't have cifs-utils 267-1 binary overridden to dump anything into the logs before it all crashes?

If needs be I can post whichever logs you think will be most useful, but i'm using my laptop at the minute so I wont get chance to post them until tomorrow evening.

Cifs-utils 267-1 binary overridden also tried enabling the testing repos and upgraded to kernel 2. At the minute I've rolled my system back to kernel 2. It doesn't just crash when your in the X server either. Theres been a few times when i've had a kernel panic during boot. Sometimes a couple of seconds after it starts to boot into Arch. And sometimes just as its processing the Udev events. But as I say it seems completely random rather than relating to specific events.

During one of the crashes at setoptions matlab I got an error message on the screen which cifs-utils 267-1 binary overridden As I say, if you need any more information or need cifs-utils 267-1 binary overridden to paste my log files then let me know and i will do that tomorrow.

Thanks in advance for the help, its much appreciated. Last edited by ScottWilson Hi Daniel, I'm just guessing that its a kenel panic, as when it happens both the caps lock and scroll lock lights flash in cifs-utils 267-1 binary overridden, which is a sign of kernel panic isn't it?

My cpu is i I've just read that post and i've downgraded udev to to see if this solves the problem as some people have said in that post, although others later on in the thread say that this doesn't solve it for them. This morning it took me 4 restarts just to get arch to boot without the panic. I'm not sure about your post in the other threat that relates to the errors in the Oops report, could you clarify this so I can see if the problems reported in that thread are what I am experiencing?.

In the meantime, here is my pacman. Begin build [ Parsing hook [base] [ Parsing hook [udev] [ Parsing hook [autodetect] [ Parsing hook [pata] [ Parsing hook [scsi] [ Parsing hook [sata] [ Parsing hook [filesystems] [ Generating module dependencies [ Make sure you move [ If downgrading Udev to doesn't solve the problem, i will try your version of it Daniel. And if that fails ill try downgrading the kernel to 2. Sorry for the super long post, Thanks again for your cifs-utils 267-1 binary overridden. Random kernel panic at boot.

Hello guys, I recently installed Arch to my GF's laptop because she wanted to learn some stuff about how to use it, how it works etc Unfortunately, there are some seems like random kernel panics at boot, I haven't found if it's cifs-utils 267-1 binary overridden to some event or not because I've been trying to reboot it 10x in a row or after a whole day of usage etc. Inspecting the stack trace confused me even more because it doesn't cifs-utils 267-1 binary overridden same with each panic.

I captured 3 of them for example sorry, haven't cifs-utils 267-1 binary overridden a way to get them in text format since they are not stored on disk: Here is the system info: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Intel Corporation Core Processor Reserved rev 05 ff: Intel Corporation Core Processor Reserved rev 05 lspci -v Toshiba America Info Systems Device fd3c Intel Corporation Device Flags: I PTL [ 0.

Local APIC address 0xfee [ 0. IRQ0 used by override. IRQ2 used by override. IRQ9 used by override. Core revision [ 0. Thermal monitoring handled by SMI [ 0. Booted up 1 node, 2 CPUs [ 0. Total of 2 processors activated Registered protocol family 16 [ 0. Using configuration type 1 for base access [ 0. Interpreter enabled [ 0. System wakeup disabled by ACPI [ 0.

PME supported from D3hot [ 0. PCI bridge to [bus 01] [ 0. PCI bridge to [bus ] [ 0. PCI bridge to [bus b] [ 0. PCI bridge to [bus 0c] subtractive decode [ 0. Enabled 8 GPEs in cifs-utils 267-1 binary overridden 00 to 3F [ 0.

PCI bridge to [bus 0c] [ 0. Registered protocol family 2 [ 0. Hash tables configured established bind [ 0. Registered protocol family 1 [ 0. Boot video device [ 0. CLS 0 bytes, default 64 [ 0.

HEST is not enabled!

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