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Annotate interpreter dependencies with: Patch by Helmut Grohne Closes: The bytecode will be interpreted by clamav instead of llvm's JIT - there is no loss in functionality. It will come back once we llvm support again Closes: Should avoid restart loops if clamd crashes on start via OOM for instance. Patch by Guillem Jover Closes: It also seem avoid invalid loads on ARMv5 cpus. It is too flaky. Thanks to Russell Coker for the patch. The linker flags for check changed making the hardcoded flags useless.

Thanks to John Zaitseff. This works around systemd bug Identified and patch suggested by Sebastian Andrzej Siewior.

Reported and patch supplied by Sebastian Andrzej Siewior. This issue was reported by Minzhuan Gong. Identified and patches supplied codeblocks-dbg 1601+dfsg-21 binary Sebastian Andrzej Siewior.

Identified and patch supplied by Sebastian Andrzej Siewior. This was reported by Dimitri Kirchner and Goulven Guiheux. Reported and fix suggested by John E. Discovered and patch supplied by Sebastian Andrzej Siewior.

Reported with sample by Kai Risku. Thanks to Andy Dorman for the bug report and patch. Debhelper automatically adds the Testsuite field. This fixes the lintian warning xs-testsuite-header-in-debian-control. Codeblocks-dbg 1601+dfsg-21 binary fixes some lintian warnings: This fixes command-with-path-in-maintainer-script lintian warnings. With this change faketime is no longer required. This makes the init scripts more robust against misconfiguration and avoids error messages with systemd.

Remove useless --with-system-tommath --without-included-ltdl configure options. This issue was discovered by Kevin Szkudlapski of Quarkslab. This issue was codeblocks-dbg 1601+dfsg-21 binary by Sebastian Andrzej Siewior. This ensures that the functionality level of libclamav is always new enough. Broken since bb got codeblocks-dbg 1601+dfsg-21 binary 0. This is the same codeblocks-dbg 1601+dfsg-21 binary as in 0.

This makes it possible to only install the clamdscan client, if the clamav daemon is accessed over the network. Removed, because the remaining changes are not needed to fix FTBFS and codeblocks-dbg 1601+dfsg-21 binary recommends drop due to potential issues with scanning large files.

Z instead of X. Use default values instead. Don't use faketime on hurd. This fixes the creation of the logrotate file with users other than clamav. Grant freshclam permission to read and write the clamd socket.

Codeblocks-dbg 1601+dfsg-21 binary fixed in upstream git already [bb8ab5c]. Thanks Luk Claes for the patch. Debian to reflect reality for the milter closes: There doesn't seem to be any sense in not doing this given that the information is available for everyone anyway. Add option to skip scanning codeblocks-dbg 1601+dfsg-21 binary authenticated smtp users closes: ArchiveLimitMemoryUsage is deprecated closes: Can't find any clamd server closes: Debian to clamav-global one.

A crafted petite file can trigger an out-of-bound read operation in petite. The -f flag is there for a codeblocks-dbg 1601+dfsg-21 binary closes: Users of 3rd party software that also loads those old databases are now out of luck. Debian about unrar support being dropped closes: After discussion with the Release Codeblocks-dbg 1601+dfsg-21 binary, I am not going to bump the soname unilaterally, but I am going to delay the migration to testing to catch any problems.

This is a hack to workaround a temporary bug that is now fixed upstream, and we can drop this soon hopefully closes: No longer supported closes: Thanks for all your work, Magnus! Debian - explain that all conf files are handled by ucf, and add a pointer to ucf's documentation reagrding conffile handling closes: Also lets milter build with correct behavior for Debian sendmail users, without having to have sendmail as a build dep for something we already know closes: The reason for this urgency is to get a fix for into sarge.

This is for people who don't run it as a deamon closes: Codeblocks-dbg 1601+dfsg-21 binary in autogenerated clamd. Replace all calls to reload in logrotate scripts codeblocks-dbg 1601+dfsg-21 binary kill -HUP closes: Now that clamav-milter can run without clamav-daemon, there is no reason for this codeblocks-dbg 1601+dfsg-21 binary.

Waiting for the bug reports, but I see no other way to do this properly. Thanks to John R. Forgot to fix acinclude. Debian for notes about clamav-milter! Allows packagers and admins to drop scripts in transparently, although feature is disabled by default.

Thanks to all who run debs from p. Much better behavior here, at least. Note that this approach is a hack for 2. Should work without intervention now. Trying to get away from the -R option to start-stop-daemon which produces codeblocks-dbg 1601+dfsg-21 binary message with the milterwe wait until the pid codeblocks-dbg 1601+dfsg-21 binary actually gone.

Debian for usage instructions. Debian clamav-base - clamav-daemon. ScanOLE is now added for new installs and this upgrade only closes: Remove automatically on upgrade, hopefully.

Hopefully this will stop or slow the bug reports from people upgrading from versions where clam still ran as root. Debian for details closes: New question about mirrors. It seems they all with the exception of the milter do a decent job cleaning up after themselves now. The milter leaves behind a pidfile, which is sloppy, but doesn't seem to harm anything. This should fix the problems on upgrade. String freeze after this, hopefully.

They somehow got lost in the last upload. It seems clamav-milter has some problems cleaning up after itself. Also use -R to keep trying until really dead. Reality apparently does not match the man page: Debian for more information closes: Have to rethink how to do that so that it works a little better in codeblocks-dbg 1601+dfsg-21 binary future anyway.

This prevents people from having multiple lines with the same option, but that would be a broken config file anyway. I see the bit set correctly, but there have been reports otherwise. Consistency is better, even if it feels kludgy. Debian so that the real default socket is actually described. Debian about permissions on directories needed by clamav - permission problems will be corrected, but only if the default setup is being used.

The default is to only use the round robin mirror address, so this is probably best - I just don't want to throw away old configuration settings. Man page fixup for this new option for clamav. Hopefully this will help it restart more cleanly closes:

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