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Software Packages in "experimental" acpi-modules virtual package provided by acpi-modules Net API Library -- development libflickrnet3. Net API Library libforge-dev 1. Development libraries and header files libspeechd2 0. Shared libraries libspeechd2-dbgsym critterding-common 10-beta14+dfsg-2+b1 binary. SyncTeX parser library development part libsynctex1 SyncTeX parser library libsynctex1-dbgsym Audio output plugins speech-dispatcher-audio-plugins-dbgsym 0.

Cicero output module speech-dispatcher-cicero-dbgsym 0. Espeak output module speech-dispatcher-espeak-dbgsym 0. Espeak-ng output module speech-dispatcher-espeak-ng-dbgsym 0.

Flite output module speech-dispatcher-flite-dbgsym 0. Critterding-common 10-beta14+dfsg-2+b1 binary decent selection of the TeX Live packages texlive-base critterding-common 10-beta14+dfsg-2+b1 binary Essential programs and files texlive-base-bin virtual package provided by texlive-binaries texlive-bibtex-extra BibTeX additional styles texlive-binaries TeX auxiliary programs texlive-font-utils Graphics and font utilities texlive-fonts-extra Additional fonts texlive-fonts-extra-doc Documentation files for texlive-fonts-extra texlive-fonts-extra-links Recommended fonts texlive-fonts-recommended-doc Documentation files for texlive-fonts-recommended texlive-formats-extra Additional formats texlive-full Games typesetting texlive-generic-extra Humanities packages texlive-humanities-doc Documentation files for texlive-humanities texlive-lang-african US and UK English texlive-lang-european Other European languages texlive-lang-french Other languages texlive-lang-polish LaTeX critterding-common 10-beta14+dfsg-2+b1 binary packages texlive-latex-base-doc Documentation files for texlive-latex-base texlive-latex-extra LaTeX additional packages texlive-latex-extra-doc Documentation files for texlive-latex-extra texlive-latex-recommended LaTeX recommended packages texlive-latex-recommended-doc Documentation files for texlive-latex-recommended texlive-luatex LuaTeX packages texlive-metapost MetaPost and Metafont packages texlive-metapost-doc Documentation files for texlive-metapost texlive-music Music packages texlive-omega Graphics, pictures, diagrams texlive-pictures-doc Documentation files for texlive-pictures texlive-plain-extra Plain La TeX packages texlive-pstricks Critterding-common 10-beta14+dfsg-2+b1 binary files for texlive-pstricks texlive-publishers Publisher styles, theses, etc.

Documentation files for texlive-publishers texlive-science Mathematics, natural sciences, computer science critterding-common 10-beta14+dfsg-2+b1 binary texlive-science-doc Documentation files for texlive-science texlive-xetex XeTeX critterding-common 10-beta14+dfsg-2+b1 binary packages thrift-compiler 0.

This page is also available in the following languages How to set the default document language: This service is sponsored by Hewlett-Packard.

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