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The power of hands-on learning is indisputable. But when it comes to investing your money in the stock market, currency options trading classroom games, making a beginner's mistake can cost you more than just your self-esteem. Thankfully, the web makes it easy to practice with virtual money. There are a multitude of online investment games like Investopedia and gnuTrade that play with virtual money, but not all of them are easy for beginners. Here are five of the best free because you shouldn't have to spend real money to play with fake money online games for getting your feet wet.

A friendly cartoon version of stock guru Mark Brookshire helps you make your final decision by providing some rating numbers when you input a stock. These include a rating for survivor sentiment, fundamentals, currency options trading classroom games and a Motley Fool Rating. For additional help choosing stocks, the site has an impressive resource library that spans beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Start with Investing and consider taking advantage of the community forums if you have specific questions. Those who need a little help getting started can also choose to adapt one of the preset portfolios created by proven traders.

Prizes vary, but most often consist of competitive pride. Owned by the same company as Currency options trading classroom games Street Survivorthis game is great for investors looking to gain experience with a new type of portfolio.

In addition to stocks and indexes, there are options to experiment with Forex portfolios, penny stocks, mutual funds and short selling. Beginners can execute market order-based trades in a "fun mode" without worrying about things like set hours, maximum number of trades per day, per stock and order expiration. A "realistic mode" amps up the complexity after they've mastered the beginner level. Players can manage up to three stock portfolios and three Forex portfolios on the site at currency options trading classroom games.

The competition aspect is optional. Other public contests include challenging restrictions like "short sells only" or "penny stocks only. Young Money Magazine's stock exchange game is easy to learn but also fairly realistic, which is a hard balance to strike.

Realistic aspects include a virtual commission that's taken out of each trade, adhering to market hours and rules about how you can invest. Unlike many investing games, trades are made at a real-time price. Learning aspects include currency options trading classroom games help icons on key terms and an intuitive tabbed interface.

Players can also create their own contests or join other user-made contests. MarketWatch will run this mock stock market contest for a total of four weeks, awarding the winner of each week with an iPad. It's on week three right now, but there's still time to get in on the competition for week four.

You must have your selections picked before the week starts on Monday. The shares that you select are "purchased" at Monday's open and will "sell" automatically at Friday's close. The catch is that all players can only use the 15 to 20 symbols selected for each week. The companies are selected by the game owner for companies that are projecting their earnings during each week. Lining up picks is easy — players simply drag the company's logo to their trading card and designate if they want to sell short or go long.

Although there are some pros playing, this game is especially manageable for beginners due to the limited stock options for each week. Like Young Money's game, UpDown has helpful icons that explain key terms for beginners. More comprehensive resources in the education center mercifully cover even the most basic of investing concepts. Community features, like the opportunity to collaborate with a group and to see the most-bought and most-sold stocks, are also helpful for beginners.

The currency options trading classroom games list" tool provides a convenient currency options trading classroom games for monitoring potential picks. UpDown sponsors a monthly contest that rewards players who beat the market with real cash. Image courtesy of iStockphotoH-Gall. We're using cookies to improve your experience. Click Here to find out more. Entertainment Like Follow Follow. HowTheMarketWorks Owned by the same company as Wall Street Survivorthis game is great for investors looking to gain experience with a new type of portfolio.

Young Money Stock Market Game Young Money Magazine's stock exchange game is easy to learn but also fairly realistic, which is a hard balance to strike. MarketWatch Fantasy Earnings Trader Game MarketWatch will run this mock stock market contest for a total of four weeks, awarding the winner of each week with an iPad.

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Simulating the impact on trading potential of an unequal distribution of necessary resources. Before students enter, the classroom is arranged as follows On each desk, the teacher places "raw materials" in different quantities. For example, desk one might have 2 sheets of paper, and 5 currency units; desk two, 4 sheets of paper, a pair of scissors, and 10 currency units; desk three, 2 sheets of paper, a pair of scissors, a ruler and 20 currency units; desk four, a sheet of paper, 2 pairs of scissors, 2 compasses and 50 currency units; desk five, 6 sheets of paper, 2 pairs of scissors, 2 compasses, a ruler and currency units.

The quantities can vary according to availability of resources. It is important, however, to have an unequal distribution among the desks. When students enter the room, they are asked to form groups of four and are assigned to a desk.

The shapes must be made exactly to the measurements displayed on the chart, and the Banker i. The teacher should allow the game to proceed without interruption for a fixed period, or until after all of the available resources have been used.

At the end, groups count up their units of currency and the "winners" are declared. This activity is likely to generate a strong sense of injustice among the groups with the fewest resources as the cumulative impact of the unequal distribution becomes evident. This emotional energy can be tapped at the beginning of the debriefing by concentrating first upon the students' feelings. The vocabulary used by both "winners" and "losers" can be written up on the board. Once feelings have been explored, students should be asked to reflect upon whether this activity is a realistic simulation of any situation they know.

Examples from within their own society are likely to be given; statistics about global distribution of wealth and the operations of multinational corporations can be introduced at this stage. Students can be asked to consider how the trading system in this activity could be made more fair, and what parallels there might be in the wider world.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of "free trade" agreements. What role can individual consumers play in creating more just and equitable trading systems? Pippin Publishing Corporation, Atlas of Canada and the World.

Key Porter Books, The Atlas of Canada and the World. Whitecap Books Limited, World Trade Organization - Here's a link to the WTO's homepage where you can find statistics, publications, current events in world trade, and an option for related links. Economics for Kids - A great website if you are looking for basic definitions of economic terms.

It is a great place to start for students who have had no previous experience with economics. As well as definitions, there are mini-quizzes, resources, links and even lessons that you can use. Economics Website - This is another website for beginners. It, too, has links to many terms and definitions which are a bit more advanced that the Economics for Kids page. Social Studies for Kids - Another great website for beginners in the field of Economics. It is more advanced than the Economics for Kids, but there is a lot of useful information on this page.

The main page deals with the Importance of Trade, but there are also links to pages dealing with: This page maintained by David A Reid, Email: