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The SlideShare app has a much smaller user base, a smaller team of developers, and fewer features. The new LinkedIn app, Project Voyager, is a very large code base with dynamic linkedin binary options developers and a huge user base. This should give you an idea of what types of challenges and benefits both a startup and large company would have by switching from Objective-C to Swift. We are Kyle and Kamilah, and each of us represent different apps dynamic linkedin binary options LinkedIn: Kyle works on the SlideShare app, and Kamilah is on the Voyager team.

Originally, it had four developers on it, and it took three months to build the first version. The main flagship app, Voyager, had around 50 developers at its peak, and took one year from the start of coding to release. For each of the apps that we work on, we had a choice between Objective-C and Swift. For SlideShare, we chose to work in Swift for a number of reasons. First, the timing was right. We had just started dynamic linkedin binary options of the app, and the team member in charge at the time was brand new to dynamic linkedin binary options, so switching to Swift was a pretty simple decision for him.

The advertised interoperability with Objective-C also seemed quite good, so we were thinking it would be nice to work with the libraries. Additionally, most of the team came from a Ruby background, so Objective-C was a lot more foreign looking than Swift. Finally, the safety features were a huge plus. The flagship app, has had two iterations of working with Swift, the first being on the old version of the LinkedIn app.

The Voyager team immediately started learning Swift when it was announced. We had team members who were doing luncheon tutorials, and the entire team was pretty enthusiastic about Swift. We started out by testing Swift on a couple of new features, like the Today widget and the Share dynamic linkedin binary options.

That was the first introduction of Swift into our code base. The next major iteration was Project Voyager. As for the SlideShare app, a lot of our decision to use Swift revolved around timing: We were also really excited about a lot of the language features of Swift itself. We were there in the early days, in the betas. At that point, SlideShare had about Swift files, and the slow compiler was an issue.

The SlideShare compilation was slow in comparison dynamic linkedin binary options Objective-C, but not terribly slow overall. Syntax highlighting and autocomplete were either slow or crashing, and a select few classes had to be written in Objective-C for Interface Builder support. The abundant source kit crashes, of course, were quite an issue as well, but they separated that into a separate process, so at least you could keep typing. There was no migration tool for the language changes in the beginning, which was quite a pain.

By the time we started with Voyager dynamic linkedin binary options Januarywe also had a small code base. However, by the time we got to the summer, the compiler was a really, really huge issue.

As of today, we have 2, Swift files, so this was a pretty large problem. Dynamic linkedin binary options app binary size kept increasing, and the load time would also increase, so we were having a lot of growing pains with it. We were pretty concerned. We addressed several issues, dynamic linkedin binary options first being the code structure. Dynamic linkedin binary options we started out, our code structure was already fairly modular, since we have a lot of different pillars at LinkedIn i.

Identity, Messaging, Feed, etc. We dropped iOS 7 support so that we could switch to dynamic libraries. We looked at our adoption numbers, and realized that iOS 9 would be out by the time we launched our app, so we could afford to drop iOS 7 support. We manually converted all of the dev pods into dynamic frameworks, which was a huge, painful process, but it allowed us to still include everything correctly and be able to access debug symbols dynamic linkedin binary options.

The con here is that we actually had to manually migrate this, since the Migration Tool crashed, which was again a huge pain. It was pretty bad. We also switched all of our generated models to Objective-C, since nobody was coding using those directly anyway. The Objective-C compiler is still much faster than the Swift compiler, so that gave us a good boost. The best part, though, was that we actually got Mac Pros approved for all of the iOS developers on the team, which gave us a 2X speed boost over the top-of-the-line MacBook Pros.

That made our lives a lot happier. It can be pretty significant if you have a lot of dynamic frameworks. We had to change some of the libraries to be static instead so that we could have our app actually launch in a reasonable amount of time.

Optionals, initialization rules, and static typing were all really good and much safer. Using optionals, we could avoid crashing a lot more and use asserts instead. For Voyager, we saw whole classes of bugs disappear i. We enforced this using some of the Swift lint tools. As for SlideShare, we also found it easier to onboard web dynamic linkedin binary options or those coming from Java.

It was very noticeable when we had interns starting; they learned Swift and got up and running much faster than they did with Objective-C. The functional programming paradigms were nice to try and adopt in the app as well.

We also stole a lot of developers from around the company to pull this off. In Voyager, many of our internal libraries are still written in Objective-C, but we do have some that are written in Swift. We do dependency management through CocoaPods. There are still a lot of Swift bugs that will cause crashes in your app, especially when Apple updates an iOS version. We had an entire tools team, and they kept on adding more and more people on it to help us with a lot of these issues.

In SlideShare, we originally released dynamic linkedin binary options Swift 1. We made the mistake of not testing the app on iOS 8. We had to quickly dynamic linkedin binary options the code base to 1. In Voyager, it took months to upgrade to Xcode 7.

The actual migration took one to two days, but the investigation into what we we needed to fix in our code base took quite awhile. Xcode 7 and Swift 2 are here, and they are so much better than than Xcode 6 and Swift were last summer. To help, we made a style dynamic linkedin binary options for using Swift in iOS apps like SlideShare, which we also based the flagship style guide on. In the case of SlideShare, the pros of Swift definitely outweighed the cons.

Build times, though longer, were not as much of a problem. Build times are better now anyway. However, you are going to spend more time on workarounds for tooling and code, which is maybe a considerable amount of time for larger teams. How are going to merge those conflicts? At least for Swift 2, we did have one or two people on a separate branch a month or two in advance of when we were actually going to do the migration.

With each update of the Swift version, they would update it and see how it worked. We have someone for future versions who starts to try it out on a separate branch. You mentioned that you stopped using dev pods. What was the problem? It was unclear where the problem was, if it was on the CocoaPods side or the Apple side, but basically it was not reading the symbol table. Once you were in Xcode dynamic linkedin binary options you would try to do dynamic linkedin binary options PO to see any symbol, you could not get anything out of it.

We had to stop because nobody could debug in the app. In the end, we basically manually did what dev pods are supposed to dynamic linkedin binary options doing. We still use CocoaPods for all of our external libraries, just not for the internal teams. For our scenario tests, we use a version of KIF, an open-source testing framework. We actually did some work on it, which I think somebody is working on and contributing back.

It was a little bit slow for the massive amount of tests that we had. The layout tests are really cool. I was wondering if you could talk dynamic linkedin binary options little bit more about the journey from your static libraries to dynamic frameworks and then back to static libraries for some of them. About your modularity, are you sharing that code between a few apps, or is it just to divide up dynamic linkedin binary options logic inside dynamic linkedin binary options own app?

Different sections of the apps for different portions would be separated. You mentioned Swift lets you dynamic linkedin binary options code with fewer bugs and crashes. Do you have data to compare the old dynamic linkedin binary options versus the new one? We should probably look into that, I guess! I was wondering whether there were any process changes or tooling changes you had to make, given that a lot of your developers are coming from Objective-C?

How do you switch over without introducing a bunch of bugs or causing a slowdown in the actual development time? We had maybe two training sessions that we sent developers to, like the two-day Swift thing from Big Nerd Ranch, so that was our initial throw-you-into-the-deep-end training. We actually have a lot of developers on the project who are new college grads, who came in writing Swift.

I think it was a pretty smooth process though, overall. Yeah I think a lot of our developers who had been around awhile were very interested in Swift and were doing their own analysis of the language, trying to learn everything they could.

Did you guys arrive at any style opinions around developers writing Swift? Also, you mentioned that you are switching between static and dynamic dev pods, and I was wondering how dynamic linkedin binary options handled any static transient dependencies that you might have in those.

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