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This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. They could add it if they made some restrictions like You enable gold trading diablo 3 only trade with people that were on your friends list when the item dropped.

That way enable gold trading diablo 3 and people selling items wouldn't really be viable. Can even add something along the line of Must have been friends for a minimum of 6 months prior to the enable gold trading diablo 3 dropping. Trade is not a problem. Core of the problem is a botters. Core of the problem is botters. Botters will find a way to use a tradesystem that is open to friends. They will simply add hundreds of customers as "friends" and sell them their wares. Even if there is a waiting period there will be plenty of money to be made for botters, and they will rise as a problem to new heights you couldnt even imagine.

The customer receives exactly what he pays for. They are damaging nontheless to this game enable gold trading diablo 3 i take a trade restriction to people i play with gladly in exchange for a lesser bot problem. You really cant afford them. Why can't people just accept that enable gold trading diablo 3 can trade with your friends. It just needs to be in games played together! Others have said it, but if you open up trading, then China bots will just flood the game selling everything through spam in trade chat.

Totally agree with you on this one. Opening up trade would create more problems than it's worth. As it is now they spam chat to power level people too lazy to even do the simplest thing, which is just to play and have fun.

Many of my friends on my f-list since day 1 since we played together since the 90s haven't played Season 8.

Now imagine I invite them to S8, and play with them. They have all the gear, no need for Haedrig's Gift, no intention to do the Season Journey otherwise they would've played before - so what are they playing for? Diablo is a loot-based game. If you give your friends all the loot, you're removing the sole purpose for them to play. Unless they're the one in a million who like to grind paragon. And of course the illegal 3rd party websites will find a way to exploit this as well, as others have mentioned.

Thankfully, trading is not coming back. And it's good that way. There's no shortcut to get it from your friends. You want to give your loot to your friends?

Well, group with them. Otherwise it's good that you can't give it to them; you'd lessen their game experience. I know that people like trading, but please think about it: I'd love to see the 2 hour window being extended to 5 or 10 or at least for as long as you're in a game with someonebut beyond that - please no trading. It made D3 a better game. I want my desert before dinner and I plan on enable gold trading diablo 3 it TOO!!!!

Don't insult someone like that when this was WHY they came out with the AH in the first place- so much trade was happening in D2 that people were getting scammed. There was enough gold spam in chat during D3 as well. The combination of them both is why trade can only happen between people who were in enable gold trading diablo 3 group when the item s dropped.

I currently like that system although I find that the timer is a bit long. I don't need 3 hours to decide if I'm going to let a enable gold trading diablo 3 in my group have the item. Am I the only one who find it fun to find items my friends need while they are offline and then send a picture of it to them I agree with so many here.

Trading would only bring more problems to the enable gold trading diablo 3, then it would fix. I remember back when AH was a think, most of my time playing was from using the AH, and not slaying monsters. It was just way more beneficial just buying cheap and selling expensive, then to actually play the game. And this is what some of you guys want back!? The journey is the reward. By giving your friends those good items, you rob them of their journey and make their game experience worse.

Or in other words: Most players wouldn't even know what to do with those items, once they have them, since they don't push grifts. In a perfect world without bots, trading would still make it so you can buy items for real money Is this what you want, another p2w game? Last time I checked, those kind of games was frowned upon by most of the gaming community.

Trading is not the solution to anything! Just do as the game want you to do, slay some monsters. Trading would be awesome. Like each player can send max 5 items per day and only to battle. Curse Help Register Sign In. Enable gold trading diablo 3 Post to Revision RollBack. Then china bots will apear and sell items for real money again. Last edited by Bagstone: Let me picture this: Last edited by Demonmonger: Removed quote pyramid Last edited by Bagstone: Last edited by Pospa:

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