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While a substantial portion of the activities of this non-U. IBUKL, in contrast, is not a legal entity but rather an internal bookkeeping or labeling convention used to designate a subset of customer business which is transacted through IB UK. Initially, we will begin by adding non-U. Qualifying existing clients include non-US accounts having option permissions and a position or position activity over prior 12 months. These existing clients will be auto-subscribed futures trading brokers in uk this permission.

Possibly, and in most cases, likely. In the case of a client only trading the product set currently eligible for clearing and carrying futures trading brokers in uk the IBUKL account, there will theoretically be no need for them to maintain a IB LLC account. Futures trading brokers in uk the exception of the single stock future, which is jointly regulated, neither the CFTC nor SEC rules provide for clearing or margining a product which they regulate in an account where the other regulator holds jurisdiction.

These includes the customer protection rules which, while similar in intent, differ in their application, and are designed to segregate assets in an amount necessary to satisfy solely those claims associated with either the securities segment or commodities segment, as applicable.

Positions will not be subject to U. T margin requirements, but rather a risk-based VAR methodology. Moving forward, IB will use a common methodology for the entire account, with this methodology based upon IB's current proprietary portfolio margining model. While possible, we believe this scenario to be improbable. The separate entities exist largely for regulatory purposes and while we believe it highly unlikely for either to fail, it would be even more so for the parent company to allow only one to do so.

What additional disclosures or agreements are required? Where may I view these? As IBLLC and IBUK are separate legal entities, excess funds will not be eligible to be automatically moved between the two accounts with the exception of the need to futures trading brokers in uk a margin requirement.

How will interest calculations be handled both during the conversion and after the conversion? Customers holding cash balances with IBLLC will continue to have interest calculations made based on the settled cash balances held in the security and commodity accounts separately. Customers holding cash balances with IBUK will have 1 cash balance on which credit or debit interest will be calculated.

Compensation levels are subject to change and for current details, refer to the FSCS website at www. Where can I obtain additional information regarding customer protection? You may refer to KB for additional information regarding customer protection. Why should I change my account if the futures trading brokers in uk protection in case of default is less advantageous to me?

There are several benefits for holding assets under IBUK. While it may be possible in the long term to maintain such products in an IBLLC account, this will not currently be possible. Related Articles Adding non-employee users to an individual account How do I move my current IB account underneath an advisor account? Linking Accounts How do I change the fees which I charge my clients? Can I convert a long cash balance to a non-base currency or trade a position denominated in a non-base currency in my cash account?

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Under current UK legislation binary options are classified as bets and are supervised by the Gambling Commission rather than the FCA even if the European Commission believes that certain binary options are within the scope of MiFID, so should be regulated by the FCA instead. However, binary options investors should be aware that in the small print of the UK Gambling Commission it is noted that it only regulates a broker if it has remote gambling equipment located in Great Britain.

The legal position is different in other EU countries, where different Member States have taken different approaches to the regulatory issue and have considered binary options to be a financial, rather than a gambling product.