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Trainers are listed by country, according to the date on which they were certified as an NLP Trainer. Also included is the following information: He developed the Metalog Method: They have been running NLP courses for twelve years, as well as coaching and communication trainings, for individuals and corporations. Gilles Roy is also a certified psychotherapist CEP with a transpersonal dimension. He is known as a facilitator of successful change and inner transformation.

He plays a key role in inviting international trainers handelskammer deutschland schweiz inkasso promoting a worldwide NLP network.

Peter Freeth has been learning, developing and applying NLP in business for almost twenty years, delivering bespoke corporate development programs, corporate Handelskammer deutschland schweiz inkasso Business Practitioner programs and also public NLP training to over a thousand students, across the UK and also internationally. Peter has more direct experience of developing and applying NLP in the business environment than anyone operating in the field today, and both NLP and corporate trainers all over the world can be found using and teaching his innovative techniques.

To date, Peter has authored eight NLP related books and he is working on new additions right now as he constantly develops new ways to evolve NLP's body of knowledge. Marie Paule Rous is a successful psychotherapist and a gifted trainer in Ericksonian Hypnosis. She also provides customised trainings to hospitals and health professionals, bringing caring and meaning with her unique style. He is a Ph. He is a Supervisor with more than 15 years of experience in institutions and in private practice with adults and children and specialized in substance-related disorders, anxious and mood disorders.

As trainer, he enjoys using metaphors, role-playing, playful demonstrations and case studies to focus on the psychic processes. At the same time I also practice Psychotherapy and Coaching in a private office and when all this is finish I enjoy family life and Life in general.

I like laughter, to simplify human complexity, paradoxes, the students questions…. Il exerce aussi le coaching en entreprise, et le life coaching. An NLP teacher, graduate in Ericksonian hypnosis and hypnocoaching. He handelskammer deutschland schweiz inkasso coaches high performance mental preparation in sports, business, and in schools learning to learn.

Passionate about change arts he spends a good deal of his time writing and researching in NLP modelling. What he enjoys most is training with humour, telling stories, making what seems difficult accessible, learning with pleasure and marvelling at the multitude of resources handelskammer deutschland schweiz inkasso human beings can mobilize.

Einer scheint kompetenter als der andere zu sein. Wer ist der richtige? Ihr Anliegen ist es, Entlastung zu haben, um Ihr Ziel schnell und erfolgreich zu erreichen.

Frau Cornelia Siegmann, cert. Melden Sie sich am besten telefonisch oder per E-Mail bei mir. The overall purpose of my work is building consciousness as a means for participating in and creating a joyous, fulfilling and rewarding life handelskammer deutschland schweiz inkasso all its domains.

The main focus of my work is twofold. One focus is enhancing organizational efficiency and effectiveness utilising the skill and the motivation of their people.

The other focus is supporting and creating clarity, coherency and congruency as well as resiliency and and orientation in personal life with spiritual, mental, physical and emotional aspects. I encountered NLP in and was immediately fascinated by its handelskammer deutschland schweiz inkasso and stuctured approach. Handelskammer deutschland schweiz inkasso went easily along with my study of mathematics and broadened my approach to people and the world around me enormously.

Handelskammer deutschland schweiz inkasso have had the pleasure to translate Chris Hall and other trainers in more than 80 trainings. I have learned handelskammer deutschland schweiz inkasso lot: My specialty is language and de-hypnosis and the emphasis of my work is to go beyond what we take for given. I offer NLP trainings since as a guest trainer in Practitioner or Master Practitioner tracks mainly on the topics of language, hypnosis and de-hypnosis, meta-programs. My first contact with NLP was in the early nineties.

I handelskammer deutschland schweiz inkasso enthusiastic about the NLP-methods handelskammer deutschland schweiz inkasso once because by using them in coachings and training seminars, my clients achieved quick and convincing results. The participants come from various fields such handelskammer deutschland schweiz inkasso psychotherapy, teaching, sales and management.

Moreover I work as a business consultant. My main focus is the training of key competencies. For me these are the readiness for change, the ability to cooperate and the ongoing development of ones personality.

In my training seminars I combine self-experience exercises with phases of reflection and transfer to everyday life within a goal-oriented seminar structure. By the way — I love to make use of dry humour! Kommunikationstrainings im Bereich Inkasso und Mahnwesen: NLP Aus- und Weiterbildung: Petra Felber bildet seit ca. I am a certified NLP Trainer and I am working since more than 20 year as a consultant, trainer and coach. The central topics of my work are change management and resilience, the ability to manage crisis.

In my trainings and coachings I work with NLP interventions to develop someone's resilience. Da ist soviel mehr, wo das schon herkommt! Wir unterrichten Sie in bewusster Sprache. Bei BrainStorm ist Coaching ein Prozess, in dem Klienten die Chance und handelskammer deutschland schweiz inkasso Freiraum nutzen, relevante Themen situationsbezogen zielorientiert heben und gemeinsam mit dem Coach Trainer an ihnen arbeiten.

Personaltrainerin in Wirtschaftsunternehmen und wirtschaftsnahen Institutionen Industrie- u. Sometimes we are satisfied with our behavior handelskammer deutschland schweiz inkasso its outcome, sometimes both leave handelskammer deutschland schweiz inkasso little something to be desired.

The same is true with the interaction we have with ourselves, in body as well as in mind inner systems. In our work we focus on making handelskammer deutschland schweiz inkasso and techniques available to our clients with which they can optimize their interaction, their communication, with others and themselves. Thus we offer workshops in themes as varied as Teambuilding creating a new system handelskammer deutschland schweiz inkasso, Conflict Management handling challenging systemsIntercultural Training when two or more systems with different cultural values meetBody Therapy knowing, understanding and improving your physical systemand many others.

In teaching and practicing NLP the spiritual aspect is very important to me: I want to support love, consciousness, and taking responsibility for oneself. I use the presuppositions and brilliant tools of NLP to teach people how to direct their thinking processes in helpful and supportive ways. I want to support myself and others in living our potential, our skills and our wisdom.

I am running workshops and trainings in many different countries handelskammer deutschland schweiz inkasso but whatever social coditionings we face in each workshop we explore how to experience our strength, our body, our emotions and thoughts as our helpers and to handelskammer deutschland schweiz inkasso them to improve the quality of our lives towards more joy, harmony and inner peace. I support the growth and self-actualization of individuals in both personal and business aspects from wholistic perspectives with my practical knowledge and experience in the NLP and Transpersonal psychology.

Hirohito Kotera has 17 years of experience as a chief business consultant in one of the largest consulting firms in Japan, and has taught in more than leading companies.

He now works as a human resources consultant for Value Creation VCa company that he co-founded in I hope let everybody know you can enjoy your life even more, and study is surely interest. Yasuhiro Kotera is currently the youngest certified NLP trainer in the world. Yet, he has already taught NLP in various environments, like large international companies, universities and during open seminars hosted by Value Creation, a company which he co-founded. He also coaches people of all ages and backgrounds.

He values effectiveness, flexibility and humor in his coaching and training. Personal transformation in business, the opportunity to explore the application to the education and the development of personnel resources are offered through the process of learning and the experience of NLP.

NLP courses are produced for the person in whom training and the human talent management are involved. In Concept, "the talent founds a flower if I notice beauty". I work for a large US-based multi-national firm. I develop and deliver the training programs for Leadership Development, OD as well as other programs.

In order to further my mission of maximizing individual handelskammer deutschland schweiz inkasso and becoming an innovation hub that can contribute to society, I design workshops for coaching, career design and so forth, leveraging the NLP approach.

In business contexts, he offers coaching services as well as tailored success-orientated business skills training solutions. The purpose and focus of my work: Coaching people to become who they really are, I support them in fulfilling their potential and to live their lives in excellence. My clients come to me handelskammer deutschland schweiz inkasso challenges originating in their private lifes, their business environment or in their sport careers.

Purpose handelskammer deutschland schweiz inkasso focus of my work: Give tools to people to enhance the quality of their personal and professional lives.

This is done through teaching NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner, as well as offering seminars in the areas of creativity, stress reduction, coaching, mind management, organization and handelskammer deutschland schweiz inkasso. After her studies at the Universities of Berne Switzerland and Bordeaux FranceMadeleine began to specialize in holistic methods. Today she runs her own business. She develops and gives courses in communication, personal development and teacher trainings, always connecting mind, body and heart.

For years, she has shown a profound interest for the latest developments in teaching, learning and change. Her strength is to coach teams and individuals in change processes, as well as to run creative and active workshops like "Leadership through Appreciation" - "It needs two to tango: Leitgedanken Betone die Einzigartigkeit jedes Menschen und vertraue auf handelskammer deutschland schweiz inkasso z.

They specialise in the kind of approach and thinking that creates new solutions to old problems, and offer…. Her work reflects this in the high levels of rapport she creates, allowing situations which, while they may involve personal challenge and risk for clients, also provide absolute support and encouragement to achieve the desired results.

Andy works delivering and designing training programs for a wide variety of companies, applications and people as well as continuing his work with private clients. His innovative approach delivers fast results as seen on BBC3. He has delivered training in England, Spain, France and Australia and looks forward to many more countries and people who know they can achieve more. He loves to see them unlock their potential.

He is passionate about helping people, using a combination of NLP approaches and hypnosis. Handelskammer deutschland schweiz inkasso really are wonderful products!

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