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This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. So today I went to Gamestop to buy HeartGold. I saw this, didn't buy and and was very confused at the high price since I bought my SS a few heart gold trade in value ago for less than half that price. I guess I'm just here to ask, does anyone know why the prices are so high? Are they really that popular? Check other stores like walmart.

How were you guys finding such cheap prices? On Amazon news are going from 70 and beyond. I don't remember what price they are, but Heart gold trade in value don't think they were more expensive than BW 2 or such.

There's some heart gold trade in value for you. Ultra Moon Bird Challenge! I might of just got lucky today.

I walked into a donation shop where I normally take my grandma since she donates quite a few things monthly and what do I see? Maybe it is a combination of the fact that those games are likely not in heart gold trade in value anymore and the fact that newer games, such as those for the 3DS, are higher priced?

Distributers will charge as high a price as they think people are willing to pay. Paws and Claws Tribe AC: Fantasia, Mayor Timeless AC: Oddly enough, from what's on Amazon right now. Pokemon Heart Gold copies are actually worth a significant amount more, according to Amazon that is. With those prices and the huge gap between the used and new games, I can assume, like many have already, that the reason they cost so much is because the games heart gold trade in value no longer in production.

At this point in time a new copy of Heart Gold or Soul Silver could be bought up by some dedicated collectors, and used ones could be bought by people who just want to play the game. If the cartridges heart gold trade in value being made anymore then that gives the games some rarity to them, and therefore make them worth a lot more.

Gamestop always has ridiculous prices. If people would stop giving them money the world would become a much better place. If you're lucky you'll find someone like me with an old cart laying around their room heart gold trade in value they haven't played in a while. All users will need to merge their Azurilland account with a new or existing Twitch account starting July 17th.

You can merge your accounts by clicking here. Curse Help Register Sign In. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Maybe it's because not many places still sell them and they have a limited supply? Walmart and places like that don't have it because It's "obsolete" now: Where is this walmart?

That is definately luck. Welcome to real life, baby. The more people want something the higher the prices go. I mean, with them almost releasing Generation 6 it would make sense that they stopped producing a Generation 4 game some months back.

Well, if the amount of people that want this game are still high store owners could get money signs in their eyes and think "hey, here's a chance to get people to spent a ton of money on something". I think that these being remakes also has something to do with it. Maybe I should buy it and remember old times".

Add into that people who were waiting to buy the games until they are cheaper now thinking "might heart gold trade in value my last chance to buy a new copy" and now spending money on them. So, could be a lot of factors. But, personally I don't care. I have both copies working fine, so prices don't bother me. Former username MrsMarriland https: I can't find it anywhere online which is where I thought IDE get it at best price buy Froakie masuda current shinies: I saw a couple offers on ebay.

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