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Bully dog, Hypertech Interceptor or other. I read to many reviews now I am confused!!!! LOL I am looking to put a "chip" in my new truck. None of these have a listed, latest model listed is I already have the Bullydog head unit from my Chevy Silverado, I would just have to get it reprogrammed. I forgot to reset it before trading in the truck. Which "chip" works the best in your opinion. Bullydog Hypertech Interceptor Or Other.

Seems like it would choke the air. Didn't know if it would help the performance to just remove it. I would go with the bully dog reason being is that they offer more like a vehicle engine tuner, monitor, gauge, speedometer calibration GTs and PMT only ,and diagnostic device. Hypertech interceptor will offer similar boosts but is much safer than reprogramming the computer if something were to happen and it does one thing.

I don't think the carbon filter really impedes the air flow. I haven't noticed anything after I removed mine. I haven't heard good things about the bulldog unless your supercharged I second that. The boost in performence is pretty close to what hypertech offer, plus more features. Hypertech offers less for about the same price. If you looking for major gains from this you might want to get a supercharger. Plus the option to add custom tunes.

I am looking more into the gas milage that can be saved. I added 2 MPG on my Chevy truck when it was installed, plus it added power for sure not much but noticable. I already have the head unit so getting the tune for my truck wouldn't cost much. Here is the big question. They only list I have a I wonder if it will work properly????

They wont tell me, because they have not tested it there selves. From everything I read and what you guys have told me there has not been any changes to the engine, So it should work. In theory, it should since there hasn't been any changes to the engine, but the computer is where the magic happens so that's why they wont put it up for the 's. They only have tunes for tested vehicles and years tested as there could be minor changes to the computers and flashing something that it's not meant for could brick it which would basically means you will need to go to the dealer and have them re-flash it and probably spend a boat load to do so.

It used to sit at You could also try to keep the RPM around 2, to 2, when taking off, its a bit slow and annoying but it will help with MPG for sure. I have the SABM on order should ship today!!! I guess I will wait for now. My wife would murder me if a bricked the computer. She already thinks I'm an idoit making all the changes I have to date. Women just don't understand. My wife asks every time I do something, why? I hate having the same looking truck as everyone else.

Everything I own has something unique to it just like my android phone, heavily mod software but I guarantee it will be different just like my truck. I would MOD my wife if she would let me. I was looking at TRDspark. I was looking at the Super charger not to order one because I can't afford it. It stated it came with a unichip performance computer module. When I went to there site they listed a Tundra: I have always had the Bullydog and liked there product, but they don't even have a listed yet.

Just wanted to know if anyone had a unichip and what they thought of it. It works in similarity to the hypertech interceptor, it changes what is sent to the ECM. They "build" the module based on what mods you have done to your truck ie CAI, headers, exhaust.

You will probably have to wait a while before bulldog gets a to test.

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