Forex Minimum/Maximum Order Sizes

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To post a message in this thread, you need interactive brokers forex minimum trade size 10 login with your Sierra Chart account:. Tue, 03 Apr Other responses are from users. If possible please keep your questions brief and to the point. Please be aware of support policy: This is expected in this particular case but in the next release, you will not get all of these messages.

I updated to current version interactive brokers forex minimum trade size 10 SC yesterday afternoon, currently having issues, Ive attached trade log. Windows error code An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

Got this message in my logs today. Unable to parse data. SubmitOrder Bar start time: Why IB is disconnecting for this reason we do not know. Does not make sense and this is another fault of TWS. For the record, there is not a single trading service that would disconnect the connection because of an invalid order quantity. The worst that would happen would be a business level reject message. This is a completely ridiculous architecture of TWS to be doing this.

I am sure they are going to give numerous excuses, as to why they do that. It is simply wrong. To post a message in this thread, you need to login with your Sierra Chart account: Login Page - Create Account. Service Terms and Refund Policy. Hi, have been getting the titled error as of today. Have restarted and rebooted SC and the version I have been running has been updated for quite some time now.

Any advice in hwo to deal with this issue? Sierra Chart Historical Data Service. Interactive Brokers Option Trader Position closed, Last Price API client has been unsubscribed from account data.

Option Trader Entry price of market order 0. An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine. Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: You encountered a socket error: Socket 87 Error sending data. There was also a large number of these messages: Socket 87 Ignored Send call based on current state.

Not sure what you can do. This is very unusual and it is due to a connectivity problem on the interactive brokers forex minimum trade size 10 system. Try restarting the computer. Date Time Of Last Edit: Are you referring to release ? And should i update as well as restart? No, this release is not yet out. Definitely restart the computer.

There is nothing we can do to solve the problem but we can reduce the amount of messages logged when it happens. Hi does this error have anything to do with my firewall not being disabled or sc.

FreeDLL being used during development process? Do these both need to be disabled? This could be related to a firewall: It is not related to sc. Update to the current version.

Updated to current version. Are there any other variables that could be related to this issue? Nothing within Sierra Chart itself.

Your computer's clock is off by 33 seconds. For help with this, press the 'Send for Analysis' button. Option Trader Call Reset price changed to Waiting for account information. Not connected to Live trading account to receive CME real-time futures data. Market data farm connection is OK: Port Is there something in newest version that is affecting my custom study?

I knew I should have just left current version installed. Specifically what is the issue? Issue relates to the below log. Specifically Socket 10 Again firewall has been disabled. Generally it is very unusual to encounter this on a local socket connection.

There basically interactive brokers forex minimum trade size 10 is an error from Sierra Charts on how we are sending the placeOrder method to IB. I will have to throughly review my interactive brokers forex minimum trade size 10 code to diagnose the issue at hand.

Just a note, the errors only occur when buying puts and not calls. We cannot analyze source code from a user. This is not a service we provide. I agree this is ridiculous, but it interactive brokers forex minimum trade size 10 is of importance to have coded work that has no issues as if we were using real capital in this event it could be disastrous. So its best we realize and overcome all issues prior to entering the market liquid.

Right, but the disconnecting is what confuses the whole thing and is misleading us and you. We also added code to handle a particular error code which indicates a field formatting error and it will be handled as a proper order reject. The thing is though, we should not have needed to do this. This would help us with error code interactive brokers forex minimum trade size 10 typically we are selling orders to the market when this occurs.

The below interactive brokers forex minimum trade size 10 is from IB regarding error code The exception 'java. NumberFormatException' is a general Java exception which can be triggered anytime a non-numerical value, such as a string, is entered where a number is expected. For instance in the 'limit price' field in the Order class, if a string "" is entered instead of the number it can trigger such an error.

Our sense is that there was an overflow problem instead because you were using a significantly out of range order quantity. That could not be the case. That is a technical impossibility. Also it does not look that way to us based upon the log and the timestamps.

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