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Roar Solutions has been providing online mortgage broker and mortgage agent web solutions to the Canadian Mortgage Industry since Do you offer your website and email marketing templates in French as well? Do you offer website templates that are both English and French on 1 website My agents don't have time to update their websites, do the websites come with content?

Can we centrally manage content at the office level that updates all my agents websites? With the website templates you create can my agents customize them to their liking? I love your solutions but can we host everything on our servers instead? I'm very interested in your Tellem Email Marketing Corporate system, how does this work?

We have higher end agents and brokers that want website optimization, do you handle this? Is there a contract of some sort that we would need to sign? What If my agents already have a website and wish to move to your service? As a Broker Owner will Roar Solutions help me market these solutions to my agents?

Answers Who is Roar Solutions? Roar Solutions opened its doors back in Since then we have become the premier supplier of websites and online marketing solutions for the Canadian Mortgage Industry.

We currently host over mortgage office and agent websites from all across Canada. So rest assured you're in good hands when dealing with us. You can learn more by visiting our website at www. We will work with you to ensure that any website templates we create for you are designed with your specific logoing in mind. This way your coporate branding is carried over to your brokers and agents that are representing your business or corporation. We realize that certain provinces are now legislating new guidelines for Mortgage Brokers and Mortgage Agents ie.

Our website templates can also be created in French as well as English so that if you are a truly national firm or wish to be there one day you can offer a website solution to your brokers or agents who need english, french or possibly both. Please note that there are extra costs involved with this so please be sure to visit our pricing page for details. We can provide an English only version, a French only version and a website template that encompasses both english and french so that a website visitor simply can select which language they wish to view.

Yes by all means. We'll work with you to develop a website template and all the content that you wish to see within it. This way when we first set up the website for an agent or broker of yours their content is all there for them. If they wish to update and change any content they can quickly and easily do this themselves via our website content management system.

With our website template package we also offer you a central area where you or a staff member can update certain content areas. This is done via a simple and easy to use website and once you save the changes it instantly updates all your brokers and agents websites instantly! This is a great feature and a huge time and money saver for everyone in your organization. Your agents no longer have to waste their time ensuring they have the most up to date content which lets them focus on their business.

Typical content areas you could centrally manage and update for all your agents websites would be: Yes they can within reason. Please remember that we are creating ready-to-go websites for your agents so we are working within the confines of that so typically we can add certain items, change colours etc as the agent wants. There will be extra fees involved to do this for each agent that needs customization work done and that would eb quoted to them up-front.

We will create what we call a mini-site which co-brands our business and yours and goes over what the online products are they can choose from ie. On this mini-site there is a signup form which your agents fill out and then we will call them to get the entire process going.

This alleviates this workload from your corporate team. We also handle any technical support issues related to our products so your agents talk to us directly on this without you ever having to worry about it.

Our solutions contain proprietary software that we cannot allow to be hosted on other servers. In otherwords our service is a hosted service that we manage and take care of completely. Most people feel they can save a little extra money if they host their websites and more on their own servers.

Little do they know that there are many issues with this and in the end we can guarantee you that you're not saving any money. There are various factors you'd have to look at. With our Tellem Email Marketing Corporate package what we do is work with you to create beautiful and professional html emailers that are completely branded for your organization. These emailers are then made available to only your agents and brokers when they login to use the system, nobody else in the Tellem system has access to them but your people.

The other powerful feature of this is that we can automatically pull-in your agents personal information such as name, email, links to their website, links to their own mortgage application right within the email templates.

When the emailers are sent out they have everything pre-populated and ready to go, no fuss at all for your agents. That's an unbeatable price point. Normally most agents will opt-in for just the basic template site but for those really looking to make a mark and garner maximum leads from their website we offer a website or search optimization service SEO. We don't hold the corporate level to any contracts nor do we hold any of your agents or brokers to any contracts, that's how confident we are in our products.

So if for instance some of your agents wanted to cancel their website service with us they simply need to let us know of this and that's it, the service is cancelled, no cancellation fees, no minimum timelines, completely flexible.

We can handle moving them over to our system even if they have their own website with another provider. Please remember that they will need to be moved into a website template that we create BUT we'll handle all the technical items for them to make the process as easy as possible.

Ummm unfortunately the answer to that is no. I know there are some providers out there who have 'Free' websites, that is no upfront fees. All we can say is that you get what you pay for. We have over 20 years combined experience with website design and we know that to be able to provide top-notch professional solutions and to be able to work with the client one on one, we need to have at least a small set-up fee.

We believe our cost structure is by far one of the most cost-effective and reasonably priced solutions on the market today. Your brokerage might not have a full-time marketing team and that's fine. We can work with you to develop a product website that helps showcase the solutions for your brokers and agents. As well we can create emailers and send them out to your agents describing the service we have and making them aware of it so as to build interest.

Those 3 items encompass our 3 main core product offerings BUT we also offer

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