Spread-I Offense 2.0

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An option offense is a variety of offensive systems in American football characterized by a predominance of option running plays. Option ncaa football 14 best spread option playbook have traditionally relied heavily upon running playsthough modern option offenses now incorporate a large number of passing plays.

Because they are run-based, option offenses are very effective in managing the game ncaa football 14 best spread option playbookgiving the opposing team less time to score and keeping the option team's defense from tiring.

However, this also means that when the option team is losing near the end of the game, and needs to score quickly, it is at a disadvantage. These schemes rely on timing, deception, and split-second decision-making under pressure, which, in turn, require precise execution and discipline. An option offense is any football scheme that relies on option running plays as its cornerstone. There are a variety of such schemes. Some of the most popular versions include:. The most popular running play employed in the spread is the read option.

This play is also known as the zone read, QB choice, or QB wrap. A type of double option, the read option is a relatively simple play during which the offensive line zone blocks in one direction, ignoring defensive personnel, while the quarterback makes a single read usually of the backside defensive end or linebacker and decides whether to keep the ball if the backside defender crashes down or to hand off to the back if the defender indicates that he will cover the quarterback.

Others have found even more innovative ways to run the option from spread formations. Creative use of motioning schemes has enabled wide receivers and even tight ends to become ballcarriers as evidenced by Wake Forest's version of the spread employed during the mids.

Rich Rodriguez is credited with inventing the zone read play run out of the shotgun formation. At the heart of all option offenses is the option run. This relatively complicated running play may take on many forms. All option runs, however, rely on two common principles: Whereas the traditional running play typically designates the ballcarrier prior to the snap, the ballcarrier in a true option running play is determined by reading the defensive alignment or ncaa football 14 best spread option playbook actions of defensive players.

This may occur at the line of scrimmage or after the ball is snapped. The second principle of the option run is that it must include two or more potential ballcarriers. These individuals ncaa football 14 best spread option playbook perform a predetermined route, or "track" that poses a unique threat to a defense. Defenders must focus on their assignments, which stresses the defense and often mitigates its speed, size and aggressiveness.

Consequently, option offenses are excellent for undersized teams. Option running plays are as numerous as the schemes that employ them. However, nearly all option running plays can be characterized as either a double option or triple option. This is determined by the number of choices available during the play.

A very popular type of double option is the Read Option. It is typically run out of the shotgun formation. The quarterback reads the defensive end on the side in which the play is designed to take the running back. If the defensive end is playing outside the tackle after the snap of the ball, the ncaa football 14 best spread option playbook hands the ball off to the running back. If the defensive end is playing inside of the tackle after the snap, the quarterback keeps the ball and runs counter to the blocking scheme.

The option ncaa football 14 best spread option playbook is most frequently utilized in the high school and collegiate ranks. It is rarely used in the National Football League for several reasons. First, the speed and athleticism of NFL defenders negate the advantages of an option offense.

Second, option quarterbacks are hit and tackled frequently. Few professional teams, whose quarterbacks have multimillion-dollar contracts, are willing to assume this increased risk of injury.

There has been a resurgence of option offenses in major college football. When implemented properly, option offensive schemes can be very successful, as demonstrated by the success of the Nebraska CornhuskersOklahoma Ncaa football 14 best spread option playbookGeorgia Southern Eaglesand Syracuse Orange in the s through the early s. Despite its success, though, many teams favor more "pro-style" offenses that attract athletes who may want to play in the NFL, where option offenses are less popularized.

Recently Urban Meyer and other coaches have developed extraordinarily competitive schemes using an option attack out of the shotgun formation. These combine elements of the West Coast offense and the single wing with sorted elements of the flexbone and the wishbone.

Meyer's version is based on the spread attack developed by then-West Virginia coach Rich Rodriguez. Rodriguez earned "pioneer" status for incorporating wishbone principles, such as the zone-read and option pitches, into the primarily passing-oriented spread offense.

However, it is unclear whether Rodriguez developed the system, Kansas State coach Bill Snyder developed the zone-read philosophy with QB Michael Bishop in the late s, or whether the two coaches coincidentally developed the system at the same time.

The option remains popular at mid-major levels as well. Additionally, the Cal Poly Mustangs achieved success with its flexbone-style option offense under former head coach Rich Ellersonwho has since installed the offense at Army.

Option offenses are considered to be "equalizers" on the playing field — allowing less athletic teams to compete with larger and faster defenses. Option offenses remain very popular among the United States service academies. If run properly, an option offense should be able to gain yards before the linebackers and defensive backs can identify who has the football and make a tackle. Due in part to this, Navy rarely punts the ball, which has led many Navy fans to jokingly refer ncaa football 14 best spread option playbook 4th down normally a punting situation as "just another down.

Former Army coach Bob Sutton joked that the Army—Navy Game could be played in an hour because the game clock rarely stopped due to both teams running option schemes. After eight years of poor performance on the field with a record of from — including the only season in NCAA historyArmy returned to a flexbone triple-option scheme in the season. In mid-April, the Times-Herald Record broke the silence and eased alumni concerns by announcing that Brock and Army would return to the triple-option offense for the season.

In his first season on the banks of the Hudson, Ellerson implemented his version of the option and led the Cadets to a season. The team showed a marked improvement from the previous 10 years, missing a bowl game by one game.

Falcons option quarterback Dee Dowis was a finalist for the Heisman Trophy insetting an NCAA record for rushing by a quarterback, with 3, yards. The option helped the team win the Commander-in-Chief's Trophy 16 times, the most among the three major football-playing service academies.

Current Army head coach Jeff Monken has extensive experience running the option. Before taking over the Army program in December he served as head coach of Georgia Southern University. Until recently, the option has made rare appearances in the NFL.

While coaches agreed the option would work, the problem was the impact it would have on the quarterback. The quarterback would need to run more which means taking more hits, causing greater risk of injury.

Duckett ran ncaa football 14 best spread option playbook option with a degree of success not seen in the NFL ncaa football 14 best spread option playbook. The Ravens offense was known for mixing up its game plan, and although Flacco is not known for his speed, the deception employed by Baltimore allowed for Flacco to mix up plays successfully despite an AFC championship game loss.

Each play produced positive yards. The second time, Cam Newton kept the ball and ran for 13 yards. A month later, the Denver Broncos ran seventeen plays with Tim Tebow as quarterback and Willis McGahee as running back totalling yards on the ground.

The Denver Broncos, with Tebow at quarterback, have been the most successful team in the NFL to run a read-option offense. As a team, the San Francisco 49ers rushed for yards on 43 carries.

At the start of the season, Michael Vick was named the starting QB and the read option was used with Vick's athletic ability to take advantage of running situations for the quarterback. However, by the 6th week, Vick was injured and Nick Foles took over as starter. Even though Foles had less running ability than Vick, the read option was continued and used successfully. The theory that the read option can work even with pocket passers is that as long as the quarterback can get positive yardage, big gains are not necessary as it keeps the defense honest.

The use of the read option in the NFL has been somewhat controversial, the main reason being that it puts the QB at greater risk of injury. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed.

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