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It is impossible to achieve success in trading on financial markets, including binary options without understanding the psychological components of it. Almost all traders fully agree with this statement.

Nevertheless, most investors do not take it seriously and sometimes are even option binaires with regards to it. As a result, traders do mistakes and blame anything from strategy to brokers, but not themselves. In fact, the most vulnerable component of any strategy is investor himself, and psychology is exactly the instrument that can option binaires it. As in any other instrument of online trading, psychology in binary options is the right attitude to trading.

Before investing, a trader option binaires clearly understand how to perceive the market and what he wants to get from it: Since there is no similar activity in daily life of most of the people, almost all the beginning traders associate trading with a game as the closest alternative. Consequently, all beginners make the same mistake — they play and entertain, and sooner or later lose the entire capital. Gambling is a trap that an absolute majority of beginners option binaires in. After all it is much easier to increase a deposit when trading with virtual money.

But as soon as you bet real money, things change radically. The entire mix of destructive emotions that you get at any gambling game is waking up. Greed is the first emotion that binary option traders face most frequently. Beginners are cautious when open their first contracts, but as soon as an option delivers a profit, the desire to earn easy money completely takes control over option binaires thoughts.

This is the moment when investments increase sometimes up to the total option binaires amount and it eventually and inevitably leads to default. Another hostile emotion is fear. When all trader savings are on his trading account and losing them will affect his daily life, he is afraid. At the option binaires he trades in accordance with a strategy and money management rules. But after a series of losses there is an irresistible desire to win it back.

Traders then are compelled to double their investments until the losses are fully recovered. The sad part is option binaires usually the deposit is fully lost before the win back.

Yet another harmful emotion is euphoria. It is most typical for experienced trader who managed to earn stable profits in a short option binaires of time. Success can play a low-down trick with a option binaires, giving him too much of self-assurance. A trader starts to think that he is a option binaires investor who nearly never makes mistakes and any deal option binaires inevitably bring him profits.

Clearly this is not the case, the market never conforms to anybody and investor will learn it through a sorrowful experience. First of all, you need to remember once and option binaires — binary option trading is not a game and there is no room for entertainment.

Treat trading as a job that pays you off not for the time spent, but for compliance with established strategy and money management option binaires. You will also need to be very careful as subconsciously we tend to think that the longer we work sitting in front of a monitor and trading option binaires, the more profit we should get. While actually, working option binaires too long leads to fatigue and consequently to errors.

Second, a trader must have cast-iron discipline. If rules established by investor say that options can be bought upon certain criteria, it has to be followed.

Option binaires trader always looks for additional confirmation, does not open new contract before he receives a signal and of course, never invests in excess.

Option binaires trader should know that his option binaires is to follow the rules rather than chasing quick capital raising. There are plenty of books option binaires articles on trading psychology offering different ways to fight unnecessary emotions. But one and most important point is that discipline is the best instrument against mistakes.

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