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A computer-implemented method includes generating a plurality of playing cards, each optionen trading card game online 2015 codes for coins card having a unique identifying code and one or more attributes; distributing the plurality of playing cards to a plurality of players, each player receiving at least one playing card; receiving electronic information relating to a playing card's unique identifying code from one or more of the players; and maintaining an online data registry relating to each trading card for which electronic information has been received.

Maintaining the data registry may include optionen trading card game online 2015 codes for coins the one or more attributes e. The data registry may be updated by modifying one or more attributes associated with a playing card in response to receiving information indicating a change in status of the card. This application claims the benefit of the filing date of U. Trading Cards are a well-known form of commercial collectable product, typically resembling conventional playing cards but featuring famous, historical or notorious persons or objects such as sports persons, motor vehicles, famous race horses and other historical or public figures or objects or events rather than denominations or suits.

Such Cards are typically sold through retail game stores and other specialty outlets and traded between optionen trading card game online 2015 codes for coins. Enthusiasts typically collect, collate and trade Cards in order to acquire Cards not already in their collection or which they wish to duplicate for strategic purposes where the collector is also a player of games which use those Cards.

Trading Cards which are capable of being registered and thereby used to play strategy games via the Internet or connected network can be created and made available to enthusiasts.

Trading Cards may be single sided or double sided and may bear a mix of graphical information and textual information. One feature of optionen trading card game online 2015 codes for coins Cards may be the inclusion of a machine-readable unique code on each Card, enabling each Card to be identified by that code rather than the graphical or textual information on it.

A form of Trading Card game which can optionen trading card game online 2015 codes for coins strategy in addition to chance, can use Trading Cards which, if used in accordance with the rules of that game, would enable a player to form a unique combination of components that can compete against the combinations of other players. Trading cards can also be used to represent certain persons and their attributes; by way of example, historical military leaders or figures generally credited with particular acumen or skill in conducting battles.

Players can assemble sets of these Cards: By way of example, a player could assemble a Roman army headed by a nominated Roman commander. Another player could assemble an army from another historical time such as Napoleon's army. By registering their cards, these players could pitch their respective armies against each other, notwithstanding the historical difference between the armies.

The respective players' collection of Cards—which makes up their army for the particular game—represents a variety of attributes, things and people and each Card's unique attributes. By having each card bear a unique identifying code or mark, that particular card can be registered as belonging to a particular player and no other and can be recognized as such in a computer based game.

By maintaining a central registry of trading cards and each card's owner, the registry may be updated at any time should a particular trading card be transferred to another player or new attributes acquired in the course of game play. In the case of a traded or transferred Card, the acquiring player can scan the card and thereby amend the central registry to show the change of ownership and also transfer the attached attributes as recorded in the central database or registry.

Should that player in time dispose of a trading card, any attributes acquired or lost during that player's optionen trading card game online 2015 codes for coins, will in turn be passed on to the next acquiring player or collector and so on.

Trading cards have varying monetary values depending upon the popularity of the subject matter depicted on the card, the relative scarcity of the particular card or its relative value in a game where various collectable cards have certain pre-defined attributes in the game's rules.

By uniquely identifying each Card, attaching attributes to particular Cards and thereby differentiating Cards which otherwise depict the same image or subject matter, the value of a particular Trading Card can be increased or decreased: In one form, a game using such cards may include two or more players.

The game components include rules of play and the various game elements; by way of example, Optionen trading card game online 2015 codes for coins Cards. The Trading Cards are freely tradable among the players so that each player obtains and constructs their own set of game elements and thereby competes against the sets of game elements assembled by other players. The game can also include a method for tracking each Trading Card's variable attributes and ownership so that players can know any particular Card's attributes and strategic value in a game thereby affecting that Card's monetary value as a collectable and also its strategic value as a game element.

In accordance with one aspect of the present invention, the game elements comprise physical Cards. Each Card depicts a particular subject matter and also bears a unique code, meaning that otherwise identical Cards are in fact not identical because each is identified by its unique code which attaches that Card to the related data in the database or registry. That data includes ownership and attribute details which form a part of that Card. As an example, a player with a collection of Cards depicting, by way of example, a Roman army, may play a game against another player who has, by way of example, a collection of Cards depicting a Chinese army, notwithstanding that this would not have been possible in the real world as they were not contemporaneous.

Similarly, a player who has an army made up of imaginary, fictional or fantasy characters or derived from scenarios such as science fiction or fantasy fiction, can stage battles with other players who have collections of historically based armies.

Ranges of collectable Trading Cards within a common motif or theme can be made available to players and enthusiasts through retail and other distribution channels. Players can build their collections by purchase, conquest or trade with optionen trading card game online 2015 codes for coins players and collectors. Players register themselves on the database or registry and acquire a unique code which the player may choose to keep secret.

Quoting that code may be a prerequisite for access to the database or registry relating to the player and to the Cards that player posses or acquires whether by way of purchase, conquest, trade or otherwise. When a Card changes ownership or attributes, the database or registry may be amended thus: That data is added to the existing data relating to the Card with that unique code and thereby becomes part of that Card albeit in the form of data stored in a remote computer system.

Entry of data, amendment of data and access to the data generally is controlled by each player having a password or code which identifies that player uniquely. In another implementation, a player may, by selecting and playing Cards in a particular sequence, choose appropriate game assets to attack the other player's army or fend off the attack of another player. The choice of Cards, the sequence in which they are deployed are player determined. The range of Cards available to be played in that game at that particular time may be determined by luck, if the choice of Cards for each player is determined by random selection instead of conscious choice, or by the player pre-selecting the range of game assets to be deployed in that game based on that player's assessment of the battle scenario.

In another implementation, players who win more games than they lose can add attributes to the Cards they have collected and attach those attributes by amending the relevant Card's database or registry entry.

This is achieved by scanning the Card by use of a digital camera or other appropriate device. The disclosed cards and method of use provide a game that can be played in many game formats, including hand-holdable physical Cards, virtual Cards, other physical objects which are not physically comparable to normal playing cards but which are capable of carrying an image and associated information and the unique code, electronic games, computer software, interactive networks, board games, and the like.

Typically the game is fast-paced and a high level of strategy and knowledge will reward a player, but the game is capable of being adapted to permit players of all levels of skill and ability to participate and for individual players to add value to Cards in their collection by being successful in playing against other players and then recording those attributes on the database or registry.

This database would typically contain historically accurate or useful information about battles, commanders and strategies which would be of use to other players. Players who contribute to the database could be rewarded by being awarded new or unusual attributes to optionen trading card game online 2015 codes for coins to their choice of Card or game asset, thereby increasing that Card or game asset's strategic and monetary value.

The game, through the use of a unique code associated to each Card distributed, combined with a central database or registry in which each Card's attributes and ownership are recorded, gives a game player the unique ability to modify the attributes of a Card notwithstanding that it depicts the same image or property as similar looking Cards held by other players.

It further gives the player the ability to adapt their game components, enabling them to pitting players against each other in a battle of strategic skill. The game further includes the unique feature of components that have a tradable and a collectable status above and beyond mere relative scarcity in the market.

In other words, certain Cards can become more valuable as they acquire more attributes in their attached central database or registry and thus become more useful in game play and therefore more valuable to players generally, thus encouraging players to trade and collect game components. Furthermore, the game permits players to acquire their own collection of game assets and to enhance their attributes as registered in the database or registry in an effort to obtain competitive advantage as permitted by the game's rules and the provisions and availability of each component, as well as the player's skill in choosing game components prior to and during play.

In one implementation, a computer-implemented method includes generating a plurality of playing cards, each playing card having a unique identifying code and one or more attributes; distributing the plurality of playing cards to a plurality of players, each player receiving at least one playing card; receiving electronic information relating to a playing card's unique identifying code from one or more of the players; and maintaining an online data registry relating to each trading card for which electronic information has been received.

The playing cards may be physical entities in which case distribution is achieved via physical distribution channels. Alternatively, or in addition, the playing cards may be virtual entities in which case distribution is achieved via electronic distribution channels.

In addition, a knowledge database containing complementary information relating to subject matters of one or more of the playing cards may be maintained and used to supplement either game play or information in the data registry or both.

In another implementation, a playing card system includes a plurality of playing cards, each playing card having indicia of subject matter, and a machine readable code uniquely identifying the playing card from among all other playing cards having identical optionen trading card game online 2015 codes for coins of subject matter; and an online data registry configured to track information about each uniquely identified playing card.

The online data registry may be configured to track one or more attributes of each uniquely identified playing card. The playing card system may further include rules of play that encompass instructions on execution of each player's turn and a predetermined way that cards may be used or played, a quantity of cards permitted to each player at the start of the game, and a hand of cards available to each player.

The rules of play may further specify a method of playing a game including one or more of the following: The details of one or more implementations are set forth in the accompanying drawings and the description below.

Other features and advantages will be apparent from the description and drawings, and from the claims. The present disclosure pertains to a method by which trading cards, which may be acquired by any suitable means, may be scanned and registered by the relevant player in order to use that card to play a game for two or more players wherein the players may apply the attributes or characters embodied in any registered trading card, in a game played on the Internet or other connected network.

In other words, two or more collectors could have versions of this card that appear otherwise identical but are uniquely identifiable and trackable in a database by virtue of their respective, and different, unique codes In this example, the card includes indicia of subject mattersuch as shown an image of a military commander along with related information which might instead be included as part of the indicia of subject matter Although the unique code shown in this example is a standard bar code, virtually any other type of suitable machine readable code e.

An owner of the card can register it with a central database, for example, by scanning the unique code e. Each unique card can have a set of one or more default attributes which typically would be the same as or similar to optionen trading card game online 2015 codes for coins default attributes of other cards bearing the same or similar personages or other subject optionen trading card game online 2015 codes for coins. Subsequently, through game play or otherwise e. In addition, changes in ownership of a card can be tracked using the database.

Ata plurality of playing cards is generated. Each playing card has a unique identifying code e. The cards can either be real, physical entities e. In either case, the cards are distributed via an appropriate channel A player who receives such a card may scan its bar code or other unique code and upload the information to a central, online registry e.

This information is received at the central registry and used to maintain in the online data registry information about each card for which electronic information was received The present game is directed not only to the method of registering the trading cards, but also to the method of playing the game and the means of generating revenue from same for the party hosting the Internet version of the game and creating Trading Cards capable of being utilized in this way.

The method of play can be expanded to include a winner taking one or more of the loser's Cards at the end of a game or game set or tournament. For instance, the complete collection of cards in any complete set may number hundreds optionen trading card game online 2015 codes for coins individual Cards, each with a unique code, thus making them uncommon.

Some Cards will have restricted publication and distribution, making those Cards rare. The basic nature of each Card defines the optionen trading card game online 2015 codes for coins to the additional attributes that that kind of Card may acquire. For example, the rules of the relevant game could provide that a General in a war-game would have a wider and different range of attributes to a Sergeant or a Private in that game.

Other cards will have virtually unlimited distribution, rendering them common. Players obtain cards by purchasing them at retail outlets, trading them with other players, or winning them as ante or prizes at games and tournaments. That registry host may or may not also control which Trading Cards which may be registered on the database or registry. That party may or may not also conduct the means by which these games may be conducted by Internet or other connected network.

This may involve a charge or cost to each player for by way of example only:. It is to be understood that the game components or assets can take different forms.

For instance, in one version of the game, the components are hand-held Cards similar in physical specification to a regular playing card. In another version of the game, Cards are plastic tokens or shapes bearing graphical and textual data and that Card's unique code. In another form of the game, the players interact with each other via a computer network, with the game components visually displayed on the monitor.

Hence, the foregoing game, including the tradable aspects thereof, are not to be limited to the embodiments described herein. Provided each such Virtual Card is registered to the relevant player.

Once registered, each player may play against other players, alter the database or registry relating to that Card and trade the Card with the attributes attached, thereby augmenting its strategic and monetary value.

This also applies to the method of playing the game. In one form, the game involves each player acquiring Cards and utilizing them and a combination of them to play the relevant game; optionen trading card game online 2015 codes for coins example to engage with a strategy game such as battle, with any other player or multiple players subject to the applicable rules of the game.

Furthermore, play can be accomplished between a player and an artificial intelligence or simulated opponent such as a computer, or expanded to permit multiple players to play simultaneously in accordance with the game's rules. While the fundamental rules of play apply in multi-player and tournament games, modifications can be made as necessary to accommodate the needs of the game and the wishes and intentions of the applicable players or the hosting party.

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