MMTA allows Steinweg to retain membership, deems subsidiary Raffemet a service provider

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Wednesday 04 April Wednesday 28 March I'm a Metal Trader; get me out of here! Wednesday 21 March Corn Laws and Donald Trump. Wednesday 14 March Wednesday 07 March Was it Genius that Failed? Long Ago and Far Away. As Flat as yer 'at. One up to Trump. Diggers and Gold Diggers. A Sideways Look at Batteries To Kill a President? Letter from Hong Kong. The Capital of Metal.

We've Been Here Before. The Trump Metals Act. AKs and Salvador Dali. A Fanfare of Strumpets. Arsenic and Old Wallpaper. Tungsten and raffemet trading options Spooks. The Power of Trust.

EVs and the Festival of Speed. A Not Very Expert Witness. Tanks for the Memory. Politics Today - the Muhammad Ali Gambit. Marx, Metals and McDonnell. Powerwalls and Mobile Phones. Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to vote we go A Gin before Lunch. New Ring, Same Issues. What Price the Reference Price? Old metal men never die, they simply melt away. Kings and Paupers of Scrap.

Who'd be a Resource Economy? The Trump Effect - and Black Swans. What do you want for Christmas? Hedge Sales - Who and Why? Blowin' in the Wind. On the Debt of Nations. Resource Nationalism - or Green Logic? What If - Alternative Pasts and Futures. The Euro - Life of Death. Dropping Volumes Spell Changing Times. Mining is Dangerous best to remember it when you complain about price or reductions raffemet trading options production.

Why Does the Battle of Bosworth Matter? Copper, Renewables and New Cars. Want a Black Swan for your Lake? The UK, Europe and Democracy. Referendum - where it all went wrong. Campaigning Shame - and the Bank of England. Why would you want a new LME? Electronic Trader Discounts - the Beginning of Attrition? Hiding from History and Burning Books. EU Referendum - will somebody please treat us as adults?

Electric Vehicles, Lithium and Investment. Artificial Intelligence and Markets. Salem - London March of the Robots. How Rhodium lost its Mojo and how, like Austin Powers, it might get it back In the Long Run, we are all Dead. Set 'em up, Joe. An Orwellian Economic Raffemet trading options. Regulation - or Compliance - at Fault? Politics Provided the Light Relief in Merry Ghosts of Christmas Raffemet trading options. Sow the Wind, Reap the Whirlwind. Statues, and Changing History.

Goldenman to the Rescue! The True Cost of Manipulation. Miners and Bankers - an Unholy Alliance. Dignitas for Metal Merchants. When the Sheep Dog Barks Vengeance is at Hand! Go East, Young Man: China - Equities and Raffemet trading options.

The Emperor has no Clothes. Do We Heed Alarm Bells? Teaching the Next Generation. Waiting for the Barbarians. The Sorcerers of Zug? The Glencore Share Price. Shareholders Bear the Pain. Shaken not Stirred, Mr Engelhard. Ah, the General Election QE, Debt Monetisation by Stealth. The Magic Money Tree. Alice and the Wonderland Election. Regulation, Financial Crisis and a Raffemet trading options Breed. Dallas, Death - and the Supercycle. Nickel - Times Still Tough. Metallgesellschaft Ltd - Epitaph?

Won't Get Fooled Again? Bartering Metals and Lives in Ukraine. When Tungsten Raffemet trading options Wars. Why not Learn from Other People's Experiences? Perceptions and Realities - the Gaps Show in Raffemet trading options Winds at Christmas.

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Further, some were of the view that such products should be permitted to be offered to all investors if done so through a registered (or exempt) dealer or, where traded on a recognized exchange or a recognized clearing agency as in the U. and other jurisdictions. Some commenters were of the view that a more effective approach would be to focus regulatory efforts on the perpetrators of the fraudulent activity involving binary options and not on the financial instrument itself.

Some even characterized fraudulent binary options more properly as an aspect of the regulatory regime governing gambling and within the purview of the Criminal Code. While the 30-day term to maturity test will result in a ban on exempt market sales in Canada to sophisticated investors of any legitimate binary options caught by the Binary Option Rule, this is viewed as an adequate balance for regulatory purposes.