A guide to choosing the best Pakistan Forex brokers

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Forex trading is one of the upcoming and very lucrative businesses that Pakistanis are taking. Compared to larger economies like Australia, Japan and the UK, Pakistan is just a small player in the world of Forex trading. Review forex trading brokers in pakistan to what some people say, it is legal to trade in Forex in Pakistan.

The State Bank of Pakistan which is the central bank of the country is mandated with the role of overseeing all financial and monetary activities in the country. It then follows that the top Pakistani FX brokers have to be licensed and be regulated by the bank. Under SBP, there is the Foreign Exchange Regulations Act of which defines all rules and laws regarding foreign exchange in the country.

As a trader, you should, therefore, search for that broker that is fully regulated by the bank. Choosing a broker that is credible can be tough at times. However, when you ask them for the basics such as whether they are registered or if they have an office in Pakistan, picking one suddenly becomes easy.

The other question to ask is whether the broker allows traders to deposit and withdraw in the local currency. FX trading is a very fast kind of business hence the need for a broker to afford the best timely support to the clients. If the broker is out of your time zone and by many hours, then you will have a problem when you want to reach their support team.

Look for a firm which is professional and which can easily and conveniently be reached. There are few FX brokers which are incorporated in Pakistan.

However, the government has allowed other international players to enter the market and this has substantially brought up the number of legitimate Forex brokers in the country. We have compiled a Pakistani Forex brokers list after conducting in-depth research on them.

You can then opt to choose from the list the best place to do your trading. One way to learn about a broker is to visit their website. The other is to read their review on our website. You will learn all about Pakistani Forex scams and much more when you opt review forex trading brokers in pakistan browse our website where your safety is guaranteed.

The State Bank of Pakistan was established in Its role is to ensure that the monetary policy of the country is in place so that the Rupee remains stable. The bank also promotes the economic growth of the country. This means that the bank has a lot on its plate. It has, therefore, created the Exchange Policy Department which oversees all foreign exchange related issues. Review forex trading brokers in pakistan department actively coordinates with law enforcement agencies to contain illegal Forex brokers in the country.

The Exchange Policy Department EPD is mandated with the role of making sure that the foreign exchange market is stable. The department does advise the government and other SBP departments on matters relating to trade policy, free trade agreements and WTO among others. The Foreign Exchange Act of is embraced by the country and is admired by other countries. For a broker to be considered wholly regulated by SBP, it should adhere to all the regulations laid out review forex trading brokers in pakistan the Exchange Policy Department.

It does not matter whether such a broker was incorporated outside or within Pakistan. It should adhere to the rules of ensuring that the FEC Act is observed not only by themselves but also by their clients. Some of the largest Forex brokers in Pakistan happen to also conduct business in other countries. This is because they are licensed and regulated by some of the best renowned global regulatory bodies.

Others are regulated by the U. K based regulatory body FAC. Many of the brokers are licensed and regulated by more than one regulatory body. For a firm to be licensed to trade in Pakistan, it must have a minimum paid-up capital of Rs. A firm shall not conduct any other business other than that which it was licensed to be doing.

The broker must employ qualified staff to the satisfaction of SBP. A license will be valid for only three years. A review forex trading brokers in pakistan must apply for the renewal of the license at least three months before the expiry of their existing license. The department reserves the right to revoke a trading license of a broker should the broker breach some of the laws highlighted by the bank.

FX brokers in Pakistan are not constrained a lot when it comes to leverage. They can go up to However, as is also in the rest of the world, a broker is required to disclose their nature of the business and the risks involved in the Forex trading to their clients. Pakistan Stock Exchange was founded in It is a public company by guarantee.

It employs state-of-the-art technology on its platform. This helps it deliver timely information and automated trading operations every day of the week. Top FX Pakistani brokers should give you access to several types of markets. You can trade in currencies or you can review forex trading brokers in pakistan to trade in CFDs contracts for difference and other derivatives.

Pakistan Forex is strictly regulated review forex trading brokers in pakistan the SBP. However, CFD trading for many traders is in a grey area. Forex trading is getting popular by the day and CFD is certainly catching up.

However, cryptocurrency seems to be pretty popular too and it might even level with Forex in the near future. Pakistani cryptocurrency brokers are also offering Forex as well as CFD trading. It is, therefore, pretty easy to pick what you want to trade on one platform.

You should beware though that not all brokers can offer you CFD trading. When registering with a broker, you should specifically ask them whether they do actually offer this service. PSX indicates on its website that it is planning to offer fixed offer derivatives and exchange-traded bonds in the not far off future.

Pakistan Forex scams are not new. Inthe government forced the review forex trading brokers in pakistan to close all its offices in the country. However, in an unprecedented review forex trading brokers in pakistan of events, the court acquitted the Khanani and Kalia CEO and four other bankers charged alongside him of all charges levelled against them.

Even though the SBP warns that anyone, whether broker or trader caught engaging in illegal Forex activities, will be severally punished, this does not prevent Pakistan from becoming one of the favourite havens for scammers. Stay up to date with the financial markets everywhere you go.

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